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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:42 AM
(315 Views / 1 Likes)
New Additions
Planet Cyrene

New Teleporter
- A new teleporter has been added to the High Desert and can be discovered.

Some new mob spawns have been added
- A new spawn of stalker bots near the High Desert.
- Monstrous and Boiling Jellyworm spawns have been added in the Great Plains.

Planet Cyrene

Various Bugs have been fixed:
- The majority of floating objects should now be grounded.
- Skylabs should now be fully closed.
- The empty Turrelion building at 137413, 79358 has doors now.
- Miner49r bot should now be fully visible and not underground.
- Stalker Mission now correctly identifies to count Stalker bots.
- Zyn NPCs now currently talk about the correct tokens.
- All Zyn NPCs should now have the correct model.
- Many of the missions to kill mobs in a certain area should be able to be completed now.

Many spawns have been moved or adjusted.
- Mutated Dire Weed
- Vlanwing
- Protocore
- Hackfin
- Some small adjustments for many others.

Known Issues
- The frame rates in some areas of Cyrene are currently too high, as well as some of the graphics are not up to a standard that we would like. This is something that we plan to dedicate time and effort into to make sure that Cyrene is beautiful and runs much more smoothly.
- Some mission text does not fully coincide with the mission, this will be resolved in a future update.
- The warp back from the Drill Instructor in the starter area isn't working properly, and will be fixed in a future...