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by Kris | Cyrene at 6:36 AM
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to remind everyone here on Cyreneforum about Mission Galactica!

What is Mission Galactica?

Mission Galactica is the first truly epic platform wide mission chain in Entropia Universe.

Mission Galactica provides you and players of all levels with long term goals to work toward, and rewards you for putting effort into improving your avatar, without forcing you away from your preferred activities in Entropia Universe.

What makes Mission Galactica so special?

Mission Galactiva Avatar using a Restoration Chip
Mission Galactica is the greatest mission chain yet in Entropia Universe.

Mission Galactica is not something you complete in a day; you will go at your own pace, progressing through Mission Galactica as your avatar grows stronger and your equipment improves. All this effort is not for nothing. At certain stages you are guaranteed the option to claim some of the best mission rewards yet seen in Entropia Universe!

Beginners will, through ordinary activities, gather and save up resources that are needed to advance to higher stages of Mission Galactica. When beginners have gained enough health and acquired appropriate gear they move on to hunting tougher and more challenging creatures - creatures that drop resources required in the next stage of Mission Galactica.

If beginners feel that they are not ready to advance to the next stage, they may trade their Mission Galactica progress to...