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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:19 AM
(1,574 Views / 5 Likes)
New Additions

- Dynamic Upgrades
-- Panton Jungle - Paneleon Kill Point Mission
-- Paneleon Hunter Jake Hammer is looking for colonists to farm up Paneleon bladders.
-- In Hammer We Trust - A Chain Mission Series from Ranks 1 to 6.
-- Rewards: Various Skill Increases and/or Attribute Tokens

-- Ice Plateau
-- The Zyn'Nix have come out of hiding now that the players have cleared enough of the Crystal Ice Golems. In honor of this players have earned the right to train like the Zyn'Nix.
-- Zyn'Nix Tempo - 5 Separate Daily Missions with a time limit.
-- New creature spawns have been added to the Ice Plateau to accommodate these missions.
-- Rewards: Various Skill Increases

- Hide and Seek Discovery Achievement
-- A new zone achievement has been added to one of zones for players to find.


-Fixed numerous grammatical and typographical errors in missions and NPCs.
- Day and Night Cycle as well as brightness/darkness levels have been adjusted to give players more visibility at all times of day on Cyrene.
- Adjusted some missions at A.R.C. Staging for mission return markers.
- Slight loot drop frequencies have been adjusted for many creatures.
- Paneleon Pet now has a proper fiery horn just like the creature.
- Changed how players are awarded the "WolperTinger" Achievement, it's now handled by a new NPC at the Turrelion Docks: Mazeweaver Gisuty Denture.
- Adjusted some creature spawn areas to incorporate new Missions and Dynamic Upgrades.