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by Kris | Cyrene at 5:27 AM
(1,240 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey guys,

Entropia Universe just launched an Entropia Universe competition on Facebook:

Win a box (100 PED) or crate (1000 PED) of Universal Ammo by describing your most EPIC Entropia Universe moment. This competition is open to all Entropia Universe participants who submit an entry before August 17, 2014.

How to enter
Describe your most epic Entropia Universe moment in 500 words or less and email it, along with your full Entropia Universe avatar name, to: competition@entropiauniverse.com

Once the submission period has ended, MindArk staff will select the ten most EPIC submissions and award prizes as follows:

Five (5) entrants will receive 100 PED of Universal Ammo.
Five (5) entrants who have made a deposit of at least 100 USD during the competition period will receive 1000 PED of Universe Ammo.

This contest is open to all Entropia Universe accounts with accurate name and address information.
For the 1000 PED Universal Ammo prizes, eligible winners need to have made a deposit into their Entropia Universe of at least 100 USD during the competition period, and not requested any withdrawals during the same period.
Entrants acknowledge that their submission text may be used freely by MindArk to promote Entropia Universe in the future.

Universal Ammo
Universal Ammo...