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by Kris | Cyrene at 11:06 AM
(1,453 Views / 8 Likes)
Hey everyone,

I wanted to let our community know that today, June 14th 2016, Planet Cyrene will not have an update for this VU cycle.

Cyrene will continue to work towards Hard Launch and we are currently working with MindArk about how we can achieve what is needed for Hard Launch.

Current team now working towards hard launch.

Many issues are being focused on, including the economy and PVP/Mech system so that we have a smooth transition for all new players that our marketing efforts will be focusing on to help promote the Cyrene economy further.

We will be also focusing on the following for the next release: shops, booths, bug fixes, land area, and addressing the vendor items issue.

I do not have any more details to share at this time, but I will update this post when I can share more.