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by Kris | Cyrene at 10:26 AM
(1,415 Views / 9 Likes)

- Many item drop rates have been adjusted, several of the notable items are:
-- Lesser and Weakened Crystals
-- Lurker Oil and Lurker Hide
-- Synthetic Rubber
-- All Marked Weapons
-- All A.R.C. Vendor Tokens
- All loot items are being monitored with any and all abnormalities being reported to MindArk.

- The Maze Hammer has been adjusted from L to UL.
- Any players will additional Maze Hammers may trade them to Mazeweaver Ricardo at the <name> teleporter in exchange for 50000 Shrapnel.
- The Maze ending marker has been adjusted and at the end of the Maze there is now a warp that will take you directly outside.
- Vlad the Unraveler now can drop Mazeweaver Certificates.

A.R.C. Vendors
- The Head and Glove pieces sold at the Rank 1 and 2 A.R.C. Vendors should now be able to be purchased correctly.
- All A.R.C. Vendor weapons now require different currency between L and UL, as well as between ranks.
- The drop rate for A.R.C. Vendor Certificates from all sources have had their drop rates increased.

Epic Mission Chains
- All Stackables dropped from both Lazidol and the Empis Wasp Queen have had their value per amount changed in a 1 to 5 ratio:
-- For example Lazidol's Bone Fragment used to be worth 100 PED each, and are now worth 20 PED each. If before the patch you had 1 Lazidol Bone Fragment, you now have 5.
-- This has been done, along with drop rate adjustments, to push out more of the items used in the epic...