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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:13 AM
(450 Views / 7 Likes)
New Additions
- A new blueprint book has been added: Blueprints: Cyrene. This book is available from the Blueprints Terminal.
- A total of 6 new blueprints have been released for the new Blueprints: Cyrene book.
- 5 of the blueprints are used for inexpensive combines.
- 1 blueprint is used to create a new Cyrene Embossed Shirt.

- Developers note: While we're admittedly not starting out with a lot of blueprints for this book, we'll be using these new blueprints to fill in gaps where looted and mined items need to used for something productive in a way that is accessible per craft.

- A new Event Only creature has been created, that should not only be easier for developers to spawn, but also have the biggest HP of any current Cyrene creature.

- Currently, all the instanced Arenas on Cyrene are putting players into their own instance, making PvP in them basically impossible. We're waiting to hear when a patch for this can be rolled out.

- Please note, this should not have any bearing on the Proving Grounds, as it is not instanced.

- Another attempt to activate the mission counters for players that cannot see them, any player currently on any of the Dire Weed Chain missions, or Rank 1 of the Mang Chang mission can interact with the Cyrene Mission Chain Terminal.
- Several grammatical and typographical errors have been fixed.
- Reward Token (Lime Green) now spawn less per stack in the Proving Grounds.
- Turrelia Lurkers in the Pit now drop...