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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:39 AM
(1,042 Views / 5 Likes)
New Additions
- Lazidol Spawn Area
-- Lazidol now has new spawn area that should allow him to be hunted without any unreachable issues. Both him and the Low Shaman are now on a coastal shelf near the Rookie Training Area.

- Sky Labs has been moved to be more away from Risen Island. This should resolve any mining issues that have occurred on Risen Island.

- Outdoor Hub Coat
-- This coat should now be able to be registered via the Proving Grounds Entrance.
-- After registration, there is a small chain quest that will award an Achievement and setup players for part two of this series.

- Many areas have had undergone visual changes as well as increased optimization:
-- Risen Island
-- High Desert Wave Event Area
-- A.R.C. Staging Area
-- Duster Hazing Station

- Dire Weed Chain Mission
-- All stages of this mission are now available from the new Kill Point Terminals available across 15 locations on Planet Cyrene.
-- If a player is already on these missions and cannot see their kills or kill points interacting with one these terminals should update the mission information to show them.
-- All stages of this mission will now auto complete as soon as the last creature is killed and you will not be required to return to the terminal, except to pick up the next mission.
-- Provided all these changes work as intended, these changes will be rolled out for every other chain mission on Cyrene, along with the majority of A.R.C. faction missions.

- Rookie Training...