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by Lilmc | Cyrene at 4:23 PM
(2,763 Views / 4 Likes)
When we first planned for the HUB Coat we wanted it to have a unique use inside the HUB. As time goes on and features get added inside Entropia Universe, we decided and with the help of feedback from player to added additional stats to the HUB only coat. The new stat will be Life Steal 1%.

Q: Why is it only 1%?
A: We plan to do further enhancement missions as we expand the HUB that will also increase the amount of % life steal and other stats can do.

Q: Will the Outside Hub Version of the coat get stats?
A: Not as this time but we're looking into it.

Q: Will we need to do anything extra to obtain the stats?
A: No the stats will be applied to all HUB Side (M,F; Registered) versions of the coat.

Q: Lame... Whats the point of the HUB?
A: Not only is the HUB a main point of the Cyrene Lore, we will also improve the HUB to make it more enticing for all sorts of players (New, Noob, Me, Uber).

Q: (Off Topic) What about informing all players like a week or even a few days in advance about Officials spawning Byg Byrd on facebook, forums, email?
A: Any type of announcement on social channels including email would mean the Byg Byrd Spawning was a planned event. However, anytime Byg Byrd get spawned it was never planned it just happened.

I will also like to point out if anyone has any type of feedback or suggestions for the Hub, Coat, Byrds, or just a rant. Please send me a direct message or even to Kris and we will be happy to take a look. (Rants of loot will be ignored unless...