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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:14 AM
(1,781 Views / 5 Likes)
- All mining ores and enmatters have been adjusted to have drop rates similar to pre-loot 2.0 rates.
- Turrelia lurkers now have a drastically increased chance to drop Reward Token (Lime Green).
- All Ranks of the Rhino Rampage Mission now have a built in auto start objective counter for any players who could not see their kill counts. This can be initiated by killing the correct maturity of Rhino Beetle for the mission.
- The gap under the platforming instances has been filled and players should no longer get stuck underneath the bridge.
- Increased mission end trigger area for the Sky Labs Platformer and Mazeweaver maze.
- All the new BPs that were missing / not found in the last VU should now be able to be discovered.
- Nano Cubes are now available for purchase from the Trade Terminal.
- Mazeweaver: Maze Blitz has updated text and will not count for players not using the Maze Hammer.
- Vlad the Unraveler can now be scanned.
- Skyshatter Robots have been broken into two groups based on the missions they are associated with, no other stats have been altered but completing the respective missions should now be more clear which Skyshatter robots to kill.
- Carnap's landing has allowed gardeners to come and cut the grass as well as adjust the equipment and vehicles around the base.
- A.R.C. Stage 1 - Zyn'Dos now requires the correct number of kills.
- Ecotronv.42e Limited and Ecotron v.42e Prototype have been adjusted to be closer to each other stat wise.