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More Crabs plz :)

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, Feb 24, 2013.

for the record: 4,96 of dex and 80 int tokens

also some Stalkers, Zeladoth, and all fish missions plz :)
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About the Author

Thanatos - I'm getting things DONE! http://cyrenesecrets.com
  1. Thanatos
    yeah some, but still waiting for ath ;)
  2. SwedishChef
    Gratz. Any globals or HoFs on those crab, Thanatos?
  3. Thanatos
    i just do some missions watching movies same time :P
  4. Laurenz
    Wow seems you have lot`s of Time. Nice Work. I at it now and already find a few nice things. Looks Like Cyrene will be my new Homeplanet soon :)
  5. non
    awesome congrats :D
    Thanatos likes this.