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by Shawna | Cyrene at 8:06 AM
(302 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey guys,

I want to share some of the upcoming new editions and changes to Planet Cyrene that will be in the next Planet Partner Version Update.

The Zekkonians have been busy, not only being able to provide harvesting tools for Planet Cyrene, but allowing players to collect wood in 3 major places on the planet as well as a few scattered areas throughout.

With the rise of activity from the Imperium, A.R.C & Zekkonian Ministry have come together to keep watch and close tabs on the growing faction. Players can speak with Tanhok Warleader Kyzrin for missions to disrupt the Imperial plans.Loyal A.R.C. Soldiers are able to earn unique buffs from this area per day that will greatly help their combat prowess by doing unique missions....