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by Lykke TheNun at 9:09 AM
(4,238 Views / 4 Likes)
We are currently exploring our options with a US based studio that has released multiple triple A titles with a large publishers and have high level contacts within the industry.

We will be working with them to expand the Sons of Remus story through a FPS (first person shooter) console game utilizing high end graphics and game-play. At this moment the plan is to release it on PS3, XBox and possibly PC.

The Sons of Remus IP (Intellectual Property) is based on the Cyrene lore but takes place several years before the current Planet Cyrene time-line. You play as an Imperium soldier who has enlisted in the Sons of Remus Special Forces and will be going through the life or death trials to become a Sentinel.

In this game you will be in Fenris Power armor and have a choice of several play style combat choices.

I will keep you up to date and release more information about this as it becomes available - including the release date.

Please like the Sons of Remus on Facebook - it will be updated too when we have more news =)