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by Lykke TheNun at 7:59 PM
(8,477 Views / 2 Likes)
Cyrene women RULE and the Cyrene female armor certainly rules too... so think twice next time you approach one of these dangerous beauties...


This pretty girl in hard steel Imperium Trooper armor might not be the one you can invite out for a soft movie and a hand-in-hand walk on the beach.

She probably requires at least a fancy ride in your LANCE vehicle or why not do as MindStar did in Cyrene Unfinished Business - Part 2, and go chop some Zil'Ziks in a casual love-hunt? And who knows, next she might even want you to walk her pet Terranix!

One thing is certain though; it's hard to get under the shell of a Cyrene girl - but should you succeed, don't forget to wear a good protection!