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by Alexandar | Cyrene at 11:42 AM
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Back in your life this March 8th, 2021 and I hope everyone has been well.

First of all, some very good questions in the AMAA thread. A reminder, that the AMAA thread will be closed around this time next week March 15th, 2021.

I’ve been extra busy but that is a good thing with all things considered. There are many positive movements not only internally but externally as well.

As for the codex, unfortunately, things have been busy for all and we understand why it wasn’t in this VU but are wishing it comes soon.

These past two weeks I have been focusing on marketing and the pre-production of the Sons of Remus Lone wolf mobile game which will be used as a marketing tool for Planet Cyrene. This won’t be similar to the short/proof of concept game that was produced a number of years ago. Right now we’re still in the middle of deciding on the direction of the actual gameplay, but we have the storyline and characters all set. Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming semiannual Podcast.

After meeting with Kris about the VU that was released last week he has informed me that the mini patch will come this week to fix some of the more annoying bugs. He has informed me that a lot of the behind-the-scenes development that has happened has now paved the way for future VUs this year. That said he reminds me to tell you all that A.R.C. Badges will be a major part of the content released in 2021.

The events update will have to wait until next week when I am allowed to share more...