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by Kris | Cyrene at 7:20 AM
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New Additions

- Map overhaul
-- While these changes haven't been drastic, they have been sweeping.
-- Several new islands have popped up and almost each individual land mass has been expanded upon.
-- We, of course, welcome any and all feedback about this map overhaul and encourage you to post it on our forums.
-- There are two new TPs to discover!

- New and Improved Wave Spawner @ Ice Plateau
-- The structure for the wave spawner has been changed in order to better keep the mobs inside of it.
-- The mobs in the wave spawner harkens back to a different time and will culminate into a "full circle".

- New Mining Area
-- In the northern part of the map a new landmass is available with bridges connecting the islands. These islands hold ONLY universal ore and enmatter, and should be the best to mine them on Cyrene.

- New Janus Foundation
-- While it is currently a bit sparse, the foremen and crew are hard at work getting ready to bring New Janus to life.
-- You can poke around and check on their progress, make sure everything is going smoothly.

- New Creature Spawn Area
-- In the Robot Base Z.R.Q. area, the Imperium have been hard at work establishing a new base of operations high in the mountains.
-- Almost every creature spawn was looked at and adjusted for the VU (as part of the map overhaul).

- Planet Cyrene does not yet have access to the Codex yet to add Cyrene mobs, this will happen later this year, more updates to come as we have them....