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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:17 AM
(1,566 Views / 6 Likes)
New Additions
- The return of the Imperium Armor
– With this return, the Augmented and Perfected versions will also be available. However it seems there were some Imperium moles getting these armors so now Zed Fontaine is personally enforcing stricter controls with players needing increased A.R.C. Badges as well as additional components and plenty of animal oil residue
- Players can locate Zed and see more information about the armor upgrade in A.R.C. HeadQuarters
- A.R.C. Hero Roy Vulker has a statue dedicated to him in this area as well and we encourage everyone to pay their respects, especially if they collected a full set of his armor

- With the growing relations between Arc and the Zyn over at Zyn’Tukano, Kaydee Barns is now able to offer a daily texture mission to create synthetic leather textures which she learned from the local Zyn
- Players can find Kaydee near the Zyn’Tuknao at the crafting area

- Introducing Utility Faps: players with the Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI can now choose one of two utility upgrades. Additionally, players can now downgrade back to Rank V to remove the heal of time component; however this change will be final.
- Players can find these two new Boffins in the Supply Depot

- With the rise of the Manuthale faction coming to the surface, they have overhauled Mer Beach into its original marsh-like ecosystem known as Rana Haven. The change to the island has caught the attention of ARC who are requesting trusted player...