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by Shawna | Cyrene at 9:28 AM
(884 Views / 7 Likes)
New Additions

- New Hackfin maturities added:
-- Provider Hackfin
-- Guardian Hackfin
-- Dominant Hackfin
-- Alpha Hackfin
-- Old Alpha Hackfin
-- Prowler Hackfin

- New Jellyworm maturities added:
-- Rancid
-- Tube
-- Mutant
-- Deviant
-- Variant

- Final Mission Chain - The Cypher:
-- The final missions for Ryvox the Cypher is available for all players who have become Gladiators.
-- Several New PvP and PvE missions to complete.
-- Culminating in a Planet Bound reward for players, as well as an achievement.

Bug Fixes
- Hunting Crystal Pedes award the completion for “Getting Slimed” quest
- Hunting young tide claws completed the quest “Dr. Nikolo’s Bug Problem”
- Fixed various geometry across all Hunting Caverns
- Adjusted the size of Clyfford so it no longer glitches
- Adjusted the size of Gigantic Scuttler so players no longer get stuck inside of it
- Various minor bug fixes

- Complete overhaul of Supply Depot Area
-- Changed Cyrene Pets Center
-- Added taming area for Arrets
-- Changed the look and layout for Booths
- Adjusted New Janus area
- Adjusted both Ngu Volcano and Duster Hazing Station
-- Vehicles are no longer be allowed in the area
-- Teleportation is no longer allowed in the area
- The following loot is no longer marked as “Rare”
-- Flesh
-- Pure Body Oil
-- Aquatic Gland
- All Renegade Components & Imperium Armor Plates are now correctly marked as “Rare”
- Neff’s Stim Pack has a new texture,...