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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:15 AM
(1,376 Views / 2 Likes)
New Additions:
Hazard Zone Mech
- The Hazard Zone Mech has invaded Carnap's Landing!
-- This new creature can be found exclusively in the Carnap's Landing LA with a variety of levels.
-- This humanoid mech is a close combat damage dealer with a focus on physical and burn damage.

Cyrene Officer Armor Plating (stage 1)
-- While we are still discussing with MindArk the entire situation of the Imperium Armor Upgrade missions, in the interim, we're introducing a series of missions to create Imeprium Armor Platings.
-- The 1st stages have been approved already, allowing Imperium Armor Plating I to be upgraded into Imperium Officer Plates by Mathaius the Boffin.
-- Developer's Note, This is elaborated more on this posting: https://cyreneforum.com/threads/mini-patch-armor-npcs-megathread.8338/page-7#post-30297

- It is our understanding from MindArk that the CODEX is not yet coming to Cyrene. This is something that only MindArk can do, and we’re eagerly waiting to hear more information about the ETA for this to be available on Cyrene.

- A.R.C. Badges should not be kept in the currency tab of inventory.
- Carnap's Landing has undergone some adjustments specifically due to the invasion of these Hazard Zone Mechs.
- Fixed various typographical and grammatical errors in items and missions.
- Adjusted several mineral spawns to improve...