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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:05 AM
(859 Views / 1 Likes)
- Increased all universe wide mining finds by 30% (Cyrene resources remain unchanged)
- Added additional universe wide mining areas to all of Cyrene
- Added blueprint books to hold universe wide blueprints to the Blueprint Terminal
- Adjusted NPC Opponents in the Proving Grounds (location, aggro and speed) as well as being able to drop loot
- All crystal textures have undergone some adjustment, however, they are still undergoing observation and are subject to player feedback.
- Small texture adjustments to several buildings
- Several changes have been made to the Holiday Wave Spawn
-- the number of creatures was reduced by 20%
-- the size of the wave area was increased to fill the walled area
-- mobs should now be mostly inside the walled area during the event
-- the speed on all wave mobs was greatly reduced and unified among all spawns
-- the drops were adjusted to compensate the removal of the holiday weapons
- Adjusted time of day / sky color on both Planet Cyrene and the Hub / Arenas
- The Maze Hammer weight has been greatly reduced
- Added additional Hackfin spawns near the starter areas
- Removed several ocean rocks that players could become stuck in

Known Issues
- The Hub Arenas and Proving Grounds are currently not accepting entry tokens nor are they awarding tokens for kills. We are waiting for MindArk to fix this issue.
- We are currently waiting for information on several drops: Empty ESI, Imperium Officer XT, and a few others.
- The...