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by Alexandar | Cyrene at 10:17 AM
(716 Views / 3 Likes)
Hello everyone, I am back in your life this February 8th 2021, I hope the weekend was a good one for all of you. I have spent a good part of last week and this weekend working with the team to try and resolve issues.

I have also spent a lot of time reading concerns and gripes the community has on the forums, the Discord server, and other Entropia related forums. I can clearly see that there will be some of you who have negative responses, and some who are upset yet hopeful. My approach is to spend as much time helping those who I know will appreciate the efforts made. Our goal is to retain your confidence in us to have your cares and concerns addressed as best we can. I am not new to gamers and I understand there is always a level of toxic and troll-like behavior. I, unfortunately, can do nothing about that because in my past experience I have come to realize you cannot be everything to everyone. So my focus is on those who wish to be positive and move forward to the benefit of all. Although I know it is an impossible feat to please everyone, I rest assured that those players who still have faith in Cyrene will be well worth the effort on not only my part but the teams.

I have put together a series of proposals for Ed to review and give his approval, if all goes well my lobbying on your behalf will pay off in the near future. Just to note, the proposals are outside the scope of what MA will be doing and be done by Team Cyrene to help out where we can to the best...