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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:44 AM
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Developer's Note

We we're really working down to the wire with the stuff that we could get into this VU, but we feel like we're moving in the right direction (although not as much content as we wanted), any and all feedback about this VU is welcome, please chat about it in our Discord or post it up on our Forums.

We're already planning some adjustments for the Mini Patch.

New Additions
- New Missions
-- Byrd Terminal - Now Accepting All Donations | a simple mission to spawn a group of Byg Byrds for a new recipe turn in should now be available.
--- There are 3 new combine recipes, one of the is used for the Byrd Terminal, you can get the information from an NPC at Zorra's new base (between Rookie TP and A.R.C. Staging).

- Hunter's Cavern
-- Hunter's Cavern is a new experimental hunting area on Cyrene. There's a small entry fee to prove to the Zekkonian's that YOU aspire to be a master hunter.
-- There are currently 3 levels available:
--- Low level Paneleons
--- Mid level Tide Claws
--- High level Zeladoths
-- All levels have a cluster of various creatures with lower levels of agression and pre-set auto loot for all players.
-- Within the area you'll have various NPCs to chat with and limited terminals.
-- There are a few achievements to earn and some additional story for the Zekkonians, as well as a new way to hunt some of the popular mobs on Cyrene.
-- You can try out this hunting area by heading to Zorra's new base (between Rookie TP and A.R.C....