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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:36 AM
(1,284 Views / 6 Likes)
New Additions:

- Codex - We believe the CODEX should be arriving on Cyrene with this update, please report any issues with this to us so we can sort them out with MA as soon as possible.

- Booths - The 0x101 Supply Depot Booth area has been revamped in anticipation of an event for players to win a booth this summer.

- Cyrene Space Pirate Armor - Roy Vulker, an Imperium space pilot, who crash landed on Cyrene. His story is told through his armor set, and for each piece you have you unlock an additional story.

- Imperium Armor Platings (all stages) - While the discussion is still ongoing with MindArk and the entire situation of the Imperium Armor Upgrade missions, in the interim, the full series of missions to create Imeprium Armor Platings are now available. You can visit the Boffins at A.R.C. Headquarters to continue upgrading your Imperium Officer Plate.

- Renegade Hazard Zone Mech Loot Rebalancing - All of the Renegade Hazard Zone Mechs will have their loot adjusted in such a way that is ideally more conducive to the overall hunting experience. We’ll be watching this mob type and getting feedback from the hunters to make adjustments before we do this to other mobs.

- Zyn’Tukano Area - We’ve set the groundwork for a new tribe of Zyn, the Zyn’Tukano. After the summer they’ll be a focus for players in regards to sweating / sweating rewards / and low to mid level bosses. For now there are some small dialogue missions about the inhabitants and A.R.C. helpers.

- Icy...