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by Kris | Cyrene at 3:05 PM
(2,449 Views / 2 Likes)
New Additions
- The holiday wave spawn is back in the Ice Plateau area, as well as improved based on feedback from last year's wave spawn.
- The final boss of this wave spawn can drop special holiday themed items of previous Cyrene items.
- Holiday Magic can once again be obtained from this wave spawn as well as special holiday spawn events that will start later this month.
- Zyn'Oddy has new items to purchase with your Holiday Magic.
-- 6 different decoration items can be gotten from this vendor.
- Coming to Planet Cyrene will provide you with a small holiday gift.
- Rudolph has harnessed the power of the summoning totems and now can easily summon using Holiday Magic.
- Dedicated spawns of both Rhyncho Birds and Zeladoth Mu.
- NPC opponents have been added to the Proving Grounds, who will drop PvP appropriate items.
- The Zekkonians have setup a small crystal garden behind A.R.C. Staging in preparation for something...

- Planet Cyrene does not yet have access to the Codex yet to add Cyrene mobs, this will happen next year, more updates to come as we have them.

- We've updated almost all the terrain textures / model textures / time of day with the new graphics update, however it will be part of ongoing tweaks.
- Increased size of Merfolken spawn for the
- Fenris Dock Guardians should not correctly stay on the platform they are defending.
- Many models with light sources have been removed.
- Adjusted all token spawners in the...