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by Kris | Cyrene at 10:47 AM
(2,452 Views / 6 Likes)
Developer's Note
We just wanted to let everyone know, this VU will be more sparse than usual. There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here that takes more time than the usual VU to VU stuff that we've been doing.

We will be showing off some of the upcoming things that are in development during the summer when it's at a point we're comfortable to show.

New Additions
- New Missions
-- Byrd Terminal - Now Accepting All Donations | a simple mission to spawn a group of byg byrds for a new recipe turn in.
--- This is accompanied by a new recipe in the terminal (mentioned above), Zorn Compound A, which is required to spawn the Byg Byrd group for some sweat and few Zorn Star Ingots.
-- Rodney's Universal Ammo | Many players were asking us for a mission to get some universal ammo, so here's the 1st iteration, all feedback is welcome.

- New Area
-- A.R.C. Base | Zorra's been busy fortifying the A.R.C. area, with this base as the 1st installment, she's been trying to get the scientists from Sky Labs to grant instantaneous teleportation to high ranking A.R.C. members...

- Mentors and Disciples
-- Disciple Armor + P.I.G.V. | Any and all disciples that graduate on Cyrene should now be able to acquire this armor.

- Replaced some tree and other vegetation models that need improvements/optimization.
- Implemented several player found bug fixes.
- Adjusted loot drops across several creatures targeting the following:
-- Creature Hides
-- Low and...