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Blog entries from Dex

Dex has a total of 2 entries.

  1. Dex
    I have now spent a few days on Cyrene since I landed and so far I like the planet. So what have I done my first few days here. The first day I just flew around trying different mobs and taking some tp's. Had a few nice globals 200+ but the tracker didn't get them so guess there aren't many ppl running the tracker on Cyrene :(. The second day I joined the Cyrene chat and got some tips from...
    Dex, Aug 16, 2015
  2. Dex
    Hey everyone or maybe hey you single sole that reads this if anyone will read this at all... I arrived at Cyrene a few days ago after a long and hard spaceflight from my homeplanet Calypso. What was it that made me abandon my home and leave for a totally new planet? I needed something new, a change in life, had gotten tired of the big events and all the ppl and all the constant grinding. I...
    Dex, Aug 11, 2015