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A miner's life on Cyrene. (Log #001)

Blog entry posted by Mini-Nova, Jul 13, 2012.

Hello and welcome to my 1st Cyrene mining blog!

Some things I will go over in my blogs: #1. My experiences on Cyrene (coming from an experienced miner) #2 Things that could be improved here to attract miners and the like, and maybe even attract other types, but for now, I will mainly focus on stories, like hunting and mining with the Cyrene locals, and just random events that come up, hope you enjoy the read!:)

Mining Run: #001
Mining Tool(s) Used: F-213
Run Cost: 100 PED
Hit Ratio: 67.355%

Well, this has to be my 10th time (at least) mining here on Cyrene and I have to say, the first thing that I noticed is, there is no variety in ore/energy matter, I've hit Zorn Star ore, Iridium, crude oil and green/yellow Crystal so far and THAT'S IT!!! I am mining at 800 meters depth and higher, I have even tried mining with lower depth finders, but have no success in finding other resources, but I will be sure to keep you guys up to date if I do find anything else. (must be deeper? Maybe in other areas?!)

Anyways........ Today I went out with 100 PED worth of survey probes and my F-213, first I went to every TP on Cyrene and dropped a probe just outside the TP, biggest hit: Average VII crude oil, I did this to "test" Cyrene and see what kind of things I could find but honestly (like I mentioned earlier) there hasn't been much variety wich makes for boring mining (think of hunting and only finding 1 type of material from the mob all the time, gets kind of tedious/boring kind of quick) luckily I love low markup things like crude oil/Lysterium stone, then again not everyone likes to cycle loot like me!

After mining every TP on Cyrene and not finding much, a friend I met here earlier at A.R.C. HQ invited me to go on a hunt trip with him and his trainee, we went and hunted Merfolken on the beach, they didn't loot that well, but it wasn't bad either, the day before I hit a 70 PED global from one of the Merfolken Elite's, so I wasn't that worried that the drops weren't fantastic, anyways, after hunting a bit, I dropped a couple probes by the Merfolken Elite's right on the beach and hit a Large XII Zorn Star ore claim, and then an XI crude oil followed by an XI Zorn star ore. The area was turning out quite lucrative! So I kept on probing around and hit another XI! In the end my return was 200%, I was +100 PED's!

Stay tuned! Many exciting Cyrene adventures ahead!! ;)

About the Author

- Ashley Mini-Nova Netz (Mining Director of Tactical Miners) I am here to teach and clear up false rumors about mining, if you want to get the full scoop on mining and learn from someone that doesn't base there theories on superstition like skill mining then add me on the player register, I'm always happy to help. GL & big HoF's!!!