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A new toy for the office.

Blog entry posted by Ed Robles 3, Apr 27, 2012.


Hey everyone, just thought I would take the time to start my first blog entry here on the forums. One of the big perks of working with Creative Kingdom, is that they specialize in many of the artistic fields. I was able to commission this guy here for our office, (though I am now thinking I want it in my office!) and the CK Model team is coming through with flying colors. It will really come to life once they begin the paint job, and I will make sure to post the final one when it's done. I am thinking the next one we will ask for is the Fenris Wolf armor or perhaps a pair of Venators to guard my office while I am away. What do you guys think?
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  1. Sammy
    Wow its awesome :D
  2. Wistrel
    Incidentally is this likely to be at Comic Con?
  3. Wistrel
    Wow I really miss working in an office with "cool thing" in it. I used to work somewhere that had a pool table and bucking bronco! (For research purposes "only" ;) of course )
  4. MIND
    make small models of these and send them to the first ppl who register as a new ava on cyrene!
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  5. calemus
    i just want to make sure you are fully aware this can be made into a functioning robot with A.I. and mobility
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  6. Archman
    I am very impressed. Please give smaller ones out as event prizes.
  7. Calli
    WOW how cool!!!!! Can't wait to see the finish painted one..
  8. Chillbanan
    Awesome, I want one too:D
  9. Nexa Demonia
  10. Nor Alien
    I think I would try and wear it!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D