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Cyrene Secrets

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, Aug 26, 2013.

I finally put some things together, and made small site to help ppl find info about Planet Cyrene http://cyrenesecrets.com/ "Cyrene Secrets"
I added most of content i have or could find around about items/mobs but still got to add markers on map with mission brokers, and fill Help Terminal with data.
I hope u find it useful.

About the Author

Thanatos - I'm getting things DONE! http://cyrenesecrets.com
  1. Thanatos
    thx :) yeah, its a long one, but its not a race, we got time :)
  2. Neuromancer
    Great work Thanatos, but the details of the Zora mission scare the #%&#$ out of me.
  3. Kris | Cyrene
    This is very impressive Thanatos! Nice work!