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Fap service

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, Jun 17, 2013.

I recently got quite a nice fap, Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem, so i can help u on harder mobs from time to time.
Eco isnt as good as Adj Fap has, but heal/sec is better, so maybe some1 will be interested.
Im on Cyrene mostly ofc.


ps. Fap has tier 3 atm, so max heal 60hp :)

About the Author

Thanatos - I'm getting things DONE! http://cyrenesecrets.com
  1. Thanatos
    yeah, there a fapper needs a fapper too :P
  2. Agis
    Thank you for your offer, Great to know there is a dedicated fap service on cyrene. Still those Red Molten Golems do area damage and too diffucult even with a fapper dying too lol..