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One year has passed - few thoughts

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, May 9, 2013.

Some ppl complain about Cyrene developement, but apparently they dont realize how much has changed and got improved... but still, there is alot about to get better, and it will :)

At the beggining we were struggling with server stability issues, that no longer exist here. Many areas got its graphics optimized to fit better to typical player's hardware.
We got many daily and iron missions, but also epic mission, that its unique to Cyrene.
Loot is various and unique to most of mobs, so every mob has its own reason to be farmed. I guess more will come at this area, since not every loot-BP chain has been released yet. There is also unique HUB pvp instance, that makes players equal with avatar stats and give pvp experience more player-skill, than ped-card based.

All those features are getting improved, but also we get more and more new things every Planet Partner version update.

Funniest thing about complaining ppl is, that most vocal are those, who dont rly play on Cyrene :D

Best Regards to Developers and Players, that make this cool planet grow!

About the Author

Thanatos - I'm getting things DONE! http://cyrenesecrets.com
  1. Nex Einie Entro
    there has been many great improvements :) cant wait until they reveal what the cubes are for :)
    Thanatos likes this.