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Test Blog!

Blog entry posted by Kris | Cyrene, Nov 14, 2011.

Just me, type type typing away trying to see about this blog feature, nothing exciting in here like industry secrets or fancy pictures, just boring boring text. Soz ;)
  1. Warewolf"s Little wife
  2. MindStar 9
    Well, I think you're BOTH special ... how's that for inside stuff, eh? I'm also testing to see if the paragraph feature works ... had an issue with it at the EP forum. Nope ... full features are not available when making comments - something to check into - Peter fixed it at EP, maybe it can be fixed here. :)
  3. Lykke TheNun
    Just replying here .. writing writing .. nothing special .. lalalalailala!
  4. Kris | Cyrene
    Wow Kris, super great, can't wait to see more of you awesome blog on here /sarcasm(in full effect)