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Ups and Downs, downs, downs...

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, Sep 24, 2012.

Some sad questions are floating on my mind...

Chasing unlimited items is like chasing dreams... or can be true on Cyrene, and not only for uber players that already got such or better?

Got unl Fenris shotgun that breakes after 350(? or something) shots. Is this a weapon or a toy to show hanging on the wall? Im glad i got it, but still... it could have more tt value to be wasted while hunting, like L version of it has.

Last week was rly hard. Hunting returns were like 50% in terms of tt value. MU helps a bit, but still, from 4k ped pool i was down to 250ped, so i had to deposit. Cool but a bit too soon from my previous one...

Crafting... since i came to Cyrnene i made countless number of jesters d-1 and d-2, lots of hermans ark10. Countless combustors and radiators. Lots of Faps. No bp dropped. Maybe too soon. Maybe i shouldnt do it at all... but other ppl get bps. So?

Im not used to whinnie. I play this game with some breakes but since it went Gold in 2003, so i know how it works. I rather try more and harder. But after a time i ask myself if its worth to try still. I hope im not wrong and Cyrene is worth another try.

Im glad that my idea of getting L Blueprints as a reward for repetable missions is implemented (daily tokens > BP exchange), and i hope Devs will be open for more ideas.

Also i offered my personal help in some topicks. If its forgotten id like to remind about myself.


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