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Recent content by Roni

  1. Roni

    Syndicate of Fenris

    Little heads up from Phoenix Rising Co-op soc. While doing our show on A.R.C. Headquarters we saw activity from SoF right there! Keep up the good work, regards Roni
  2. Roni

    What should Cyrene focus on next?

    I agree on most points of Goldmoon but this one appealed to me most as hunting is my main profession. Aside from the fact that I prefer to *cater the market* as a hunter, I do have some difficulties finding a good "hunting ryhtm". Either the mob is too easy or they just kill me on sight (higher...
  3. Roni

    Cyrene Citizen of the Month - February 2013

    Grats Goldmoon! The DragonFly chopper is my favorite vehicle! Regards, Roni
  4. Roni

    Wish List Janus space port

    WTF??? who's idea was it to place the platforms at Janus space port??? Its ok to land but almost impossible to spawn your Quad there....nice scenery but not very convenient and user friendly. Regards, Roni
  5. Roni

    Cyrene by Roni

    Thx Ace! I think the atrox at EntropiaPlanets bar finally got me :beerchug: ate my brains...at least the sensible part
  6. Roni

    Adventures on Cyrene

    Nice art work Steve...keep m going! Cheers, Roni
  7. Roni

    Cyrene by Roni

    Meanwhile back home....
  8. Roni

    Cyrene by Roni

    More footage from HawklordTV....pinks swirlies, a bug and dancing with Bot200
  9. Roni

    Cyrene by Roni

    Roni goes hunting bots Ninja Style.....feel the Schwarz!
  10. Roni

    Missing Starter Item

    I ran in some new avatars that didnt got the VSE. Compacting or relog didnt bring it up. A support ticket usually works. Regards, Roni
  11. Roni

    If I was an anime, who would I be ...

    Just found this thread...love it...been an avid FF player..ahhh evil Sephirot..I genuinly had tears in my eyes in the killing of Aeries sequence. Here is my anime caracter in Second Life...Akira Hayabusa Hawklord. Story is : he is son of a japanese mother and caucasian vampire...
  12. Roni

    planet entry

    Wooohooooo, that was fast Ed XD Cheers Roni
  13. Roni

    Wow! Its fantastic!!!

    Gives this thread a bump....what was the topic again? <grins> Roni
  14. Roni

    planet entry

    Im really happy with the fact the planet entry has moved from ARC HQ to Janus city and entering above kinda space station arena. Very nice and well done! This is how its supposed to be! BUT...why is there no teleporter there? Either you have to run your ass of through the city (end I ALWAYS...
  15. Roni

    when Crone comes to Cyrene, what should he bring?

    I met another Lykke inworld. Actice player and not the Nun. It got me confused first untill I realised she didnt have the *yellow* chat. Waves to the Nun ;) Cheers, Roni