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Activated Missions - June 18th 2013 VU

Discussion in 'Missions' started by Kris | Cyrene, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Up To Date as of: Jun 26, 2013 at 1:40 PM In Game Time

    Hey guys,

    Here is a list of the Missions for this release and if they are active or inactive:

    Craggs Point West

    Freshly Hatched – Rank 2 (Active)
    Overboard – Rank 2 (Active)
    Insatiable Hunger – Rank 2 (Active)
    The Merfolken Initiative - Rank 2 (Active)
    Scout Bot Clean Up – Rank 2 (Active)
    You are Poseidon – Rank 2 (Active)

    NOTE: There was in issue with Stage 3 and since players would not be able to skip to Stage 4 I asked MA to disable the quests for the time being while we find the issue.
    Stage Two Epic Missions

    Stage 1: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 1) (Active)
    Stage 2: Squash the Invaders (Active)
    Stage 3: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 2) (Inactive)
    Stage 4: Right Outta the sky (Inactive)
    Stage 5: Cleansing the Sea (Inactive)
    Stage 6: Into the Tamangon Fires (Inactive)
    Stage 7: Yes, All the Skulls... (Inactive)
    Stage 8: Stalking the Stalkers (Inactive)
    Stage 9: We Need a Bigger Boat (Inactive)
    Stage 10: Bevis and the Gang (Inactive)

    Special Mission - James Henry Seek and Find
    Special Mission: Weapon Parts (Active)
    Special Mission: Armor Parts (Inactive)
    Special Mission: Clothing Pieces (Active)

    Stage One Epic Mission
    Hail Lazidol, the Great Sea Beast (Active)
    Strange Times (Active) ?

    Colosseum - Janus Key Summoner
    Summoner's Gambit (Disabled until next VU)

    Scrap the Drone (Active)
    Stomp the Wolf (Active)
    Poison the Hive (Active)
    Ground the Skies (Active)
    Pluck the Wing (Active)

    Mine Up Zorn Star Ore! (Active)
    Mine Up Yellow Crystals! (Active)
    Mine Up Kaisenite Stone! (Active)
    Mine up Blue Crystal! (Active)
    Mine Up Iridium Ore! (Active)

    Craft an Ozpyn Filter! (Active)
    Craft an Enkidd Dire S1 (L)! (Active)
    Craft a Pattern Shirt Series 1 (L,C)! (Active)
    Craft an Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)! (Active)
    Craft an Imperium Key Cube! (Active)

    I will update this thread as more quests are active.

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