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Are these missions still active or altered slightly

Discussion in 'Missions' started by Paul Jetman Masters, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Paul Jetman Masters
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    Paul Jetman Masters Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2014
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    South Yorkshire
    Just been going through all the Cyrene missions, cleaning up missions, correcting rewards (mainly tokens) and adding more. these missions i would like to check if still present. Im sure most are but as i can't redo the new player missions i can't confirm, some like the Broken scorpion point to a place that no longer exists, therefore it must have changed or been removed

    An Introduction
    Learn about PVP

    Discreetly head to A.R.C Head Quarters
    Teleport to ARC HQ and talk to Private Yarl
    Broken Scorpion
    Fashion Adviser Robuck
    Imperium Common Hat (M) or Imperium Common Hat (F)
    Getting Battle Ready

    Gathering Parts
    Kill 50 Scout Bots
    Imperium Token (ofc this reward no longer exists)
    Go check out the Hub

    In The Shadows
    Find the Drill Instructor
    Medical Tech Godfrey
    Imperium Trainee F.A.P. (L)
    Meet John Fhartly

    Miner Salazar
    Imperium Trainee Finder (L), 10x Survey Probe
    No Time To Waste
    Find GI Joseph
    Rude Awakenings
    Talk to Sergeant Tibbs​

    Travel from Janus to Zyn'Kimbro village
    Teleport to Zyn'Kimbro village
    Busted Zyn Mordincran
    Trial By Fire
    Kill the Scout Bot
    Weaponmaster Aron
    Imperium Trainee Combat Knife (L)
    Weaponmaster Rob
    Imperium Trainee Pistol (L)


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