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Mining Cry For Cyrene:Enmatter guide

Discussion in 'Professions' started by Tempest, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Tempest
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    Tempest Member

    Nov 15, 2020
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    I decided to create a "Cry for Cyrene" series of posts to assist the curious in the various aspects of living on Cyrene. This first one will focus on enmatter mining.

    On Cyrene you can find a number of enmatters that can only be found on Cyrene, and that have only uses in blueprints, missions, or refining on Cyrene. The term "Cyrene-centric" describes this category. You can also find a variety of enmatters common to the entire entropia universe, referred to as "entropia-wide".

    The following is a current list of the Cyrene-centric enmatters, preceded by their value per unit, and followed by their common refinement result and the standard A.R.C. Blueprint that uses it.
    (0.01) Yellow Crystal (Super Adhesive) (Bonding Liquid)
    (0.02) Blue Crystal (Hardening Agent) (Protective Coating)
    (0.03) Green Crystal (Life Essence) (Suspended Life Essence)
    (0.07) Orange Crystal (Softening Agent) (Material Softener)
    (0.08) Purple Crystal (Darkening Agent) (Anti Glare Spray)
    (0.10) Clear Crystal (lightening Agent) (Blemish Remover)
    (0.15) Rainbow Crystal (Color Enhancing Agent) (Acid protective Coating)
    (0.30) Hazy Crystal (Reflecting Agent) (Reflective Coating)
    (0.35) Blue Icy Crystal (Chilling Agent) (Heat Protective Coating)
    (0.50) Red Molten Crystal (Heating Agent) (Cold Protective Coating)

    There are currently Iron mining challenge missions that reward prospecting(?!) skills for finding Yellow crystal through Hazy Crystal, none for Blue Icy or Red Molten.
    There are crafting blueprints for textures of each of these Crystals. Once created these textures all have the same difficulty to apply, level 10-13.5.
    Yellow, Blue, and Green crystals have several additional associated missions, including daily turn-ins for Cyrene Mission Tokens, and A.R.C badges for stage 2 faction missions.
    It is worth noting that yellow crystal is used (as Super Adhesive) to make Ozpyn Matrix.

    -Bonding liquid is used for several dozen blueprints including all A.R.C. Ranger, Scout, and Turrelion Silverstitch armor, and several Spear and Dragonfly vehicles. It also has a daily turn-in mission for Cyrene Mission Tokens.
    -Protective Coating is used for about a dozen blueprints, most notably the A.R.C. Ranger armor.
    -Suspended Life Essence is used for 3 (L) FAP blueprints.
    -Material Softener is used for 3 weapon blueprints, and for Fergison's Refined Amalgum.
    -Anti-Glare Spray does not appear to currently have any use.
    -Blemish remover does not appear to currently have any use.
    -Acid protective Coating does not appear to currently have any use.
    -Reflective Coating is used for A.R.C. Ranger Armor Blueprints.
    -Heat protective Coating does not appear to currently have any use.
    -Cold protective Coating does not appear to currently have any use.

    There are a number of additional blueprints that use Cyrene-centric enmatters or their refined results, but these components themselves are trivial in manufacturing process. Examples include Cyrene Collectibles, etc.

    The upgrade path for the imperium armor plates do require associated enmatters and enmatter products. They are:
    Imperium Officer Plate Upgrade: 50x Ozpyn Matrix, 50x Clear Crystal
    Improved Imperium Plate Upgrade: 40x Bonding Liquid
    Modified Imperium Plate Upgrade: 15x Red Molten Crystal
    Augmented Imperium Plate Upgrade: 15x Purple Crystal
    Perfected Imperium Plate Upgrade: 15x rainbow Crystal

    Analysis: There are many challenges from achieving a profit mining Cyrene-centric enmatters.

    Yellow Crystals are barely sold for more than TT, although due to AH mechanics it can sometimes cost +105% or more. Miners will often turn portions of their finds into bonding liquid which can sell for +130%, however, the BP failure rate combined with sweat MU and AH fees as well as failed auctions can make +130% unprofitable, especially as lot sizes greater than 10p rarely complete. Ozpyn matrix suffers a similar fate, with small TT value combined with small lots needed by buyers conspiring with AH fees to make it unprofitable as well.

    Both Blue and Green Crystals have their primary use as daily turn-ins, with a few additional crafter use cases. The supply of both always outstrips the demand similar to Yellow Crystal, but with fewer avenues for profit. As such, the AH usually holds around 110% so that miners can squeeze out a minor profit occasionally. It trades between individuals for 103% to 105%.

    Orange and Purple crystal have no real demand from most players, just the occasional person using odd blueprints or once every few months when someone has the components to do the Augmented Imperium Plate Upgrade. Orange Crystal is funny, it is plentiful in a few places, but miners tend to not mine if because they can't sell it. This makes it a rare sight, but this is a case where rare does not mean valuable. Likewise, Purple Crystal is often found when looking for Clear Crystal. This unusual situation leads to Purple being the unwanted result of Clear Crystal mining. There is always more Purple Crystal available than what is desired, resulting in failed auctions and low prices.

    Speaking of Clear Crystal, it is generally considered the only real profit channel for Cyrene-centric enmatter mining. With strong demand volumes from the first Imperium Armor Plate Upgrade and a healthy 200% markup, The only real problem is tripping over all of the other miners dropping bombs all over the few places that produce it.

    Rainbow, Hazy, Blue Icy and Red Molten might sound like they are valuable, but it is trivial to find Hazy and Icy Blue, and Rainbow and Red Molten have few use cases.

    This brings us to the Entropia-wide enmatters. There is a wide variety available, including Oil, Acid Root, Typonic Steam, Alicenies Liquid, Angelic Grit, Garcen Grease, Lytairian Dust, Ares Head, Sweet Stuff, Azur Pearls, Force Nexus, Melchi Water, Cave Sap, Solis Beans, and more. It has been suggested that there are veins of every possible Entropia-wide enmatter on Cyrene, although many have not yet been confirmed. Many of these have significant MU in excess of +125% and sell easily on the more liquid Calypso AH. This leads to a likelihood that pursuing the less-common but higher MU Entropia-wide enmatters for export may be a more profitable path for miners than the current Cyrene-centric enmatters mining options.
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  2. Thanatos
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    awesome guide! :beerchug:
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