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Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map - February 27th 2015

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Kris | Cyrene

Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs
Staff member


This is the Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map. This will show the progression of the different land areas based on player activity here on Planet Cyrene. As the areas progress through their levels they will undergo upgrades or unlocks based upon their level. If any particular are stagnates or has low progression there will be some side effects in that particular area as well.

So, in short, if you want an area to change:

- Complete missions
- Interact with creatures
- Mine for resources in it

The following shows the current available land areas and their level 1 and level 2 available upgrades. Additional upgrades will be available in the future at higher levels.

Land Areas:

  • Great Plains
    • Level 1 - New Mang Chang & Rhino Beetle maturities - Unlocked for the next Planet Partner VU!
    • Level 2 - Pet maturities of Mang Chang and Rhino Beetle (although the details are still being hammered out with MindArk)
  • Ice Plateau
    • Level 1 – Zyn’Nix come out of hiding with additional story and daily missions.
    • Level 2 – Summon the lord of the Ice Crystal Golems in a boss summon event.
  • Imperium Fortifications
    • Level 1 – Dedicated Imperium Officer spawn.
    • Level 2 - Imperium Trials wave spawn event.
  • Isle de Zel
    • Level 1 – Additional Zeladoth maturities.
    • Level 2 – Zeladoth wave event and associated with a mission.
  • Mer Beach
    • Level 1 - Additional Merfolken Gladiator maturities - Unlocked for the next Planet Partner VU!
    • Level 2 - An underwater Mefolken hunting ground.
  • Ngu Volcano
    • Level 1 – A dedicated spawn of Old Jack.
    • Level 2 – A new magma chamber opened to explore.
  • Panton Jungle
    • Level 1 - Paneleon Kill Point mission.
    • Level 2 - A new creature with maturity range and Iron Missions.
  • Robot Base Z.R.Q.
    • Level 1 - Additional Skyshatter maturites.
    • Level 2 - A new creature with maturity range and Iron Missions.
  • Turrelion Desert
    • Level 1 – Additional Living Vortex maturities. - Unlocked for the next Planet Partner VU!
    • Level 2 – Duster Gang Item Spawn PvP Area.
  • Zyn Forest
    • Level 1 - A new scavenger hunt mission unique to the Zyn.
    • Level 2 – Zyn Pyramid Spirit Shaman mission.

Some areas can only be upgraded through other areas progression; these areas are called Meta Areas. The requirements to upgrade and the level 1 upgrade are listed for the following.

Meta Areas:

  • A.R.C. Staging
    • 5 Areas are at least level 1.
    • Upgraded staging area and Turrelion Area with additional content.
  • Miner Isles
    • All Areas are at least level 1.
    • Special Mining Zone with Additional Mining Missions.
  • Sky Labs
    • All Areas are at least level 2.
    • Animal Behavior and Modification Laboratory Instance.


Keep in mind that other changes to the Planet Cyrene will happen that are not part of the dynamic upgrade map. These changes will happen independent of other new things that will come, like missions, items, and events.

Any discussion about this can be done so here: >>LINK<<

Thanks for reading and thanks for playing on Planet Cyrene.

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