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Cyrene June 18th 2013 VU Notes

Discussion in 'Cyrene Version Update Notes' started by Kris | Cyrene, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Nov 14, 2011
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    New Additions – Planet Cyrene
    • New Dynamic Upgrades
      • New Dynamic Changed Area – 0x101 Supply Depot (formally Hunting Grounds TP)
        • This area is designed to be a low graphics area where players can congregate and has the following features:
          • Free Water Arena
          • All Terminals and re-located shops
          • Nearby Hunting Areas (including n00b swunting area)
          • This will be the new Planet Arrival Point from Space.
      • New Dynamic Changed Area – Garvers
        • The Empis Wasps at Garvers are starting to set out hives on the ground as well. It will be up to players to exterminate this threat now and gain accolades from the Imperium or ignore this threat and let the Empis Wasps continue to propagate.
    • New Creature Maturities
      • Many of Cyrenes local creatures have gained new maturities or have evolved stats
        • Living Vortex
        • Mang Chang
        • Rhino Beetle
        • Tide Claw
        • Sky Wraith
        • Sea Wraith
        • Duster
      • There are new Rare Spawns to hunt from some creature spawn areas.
    • New Spawn Areas
      • To go along with the new creature maturities there are new creature spawn areas. Many of the spawn areas are broken up into smaller more specific spawn areas to focus more on specific maturities.
    • New Items
      • There are many new kinds of items to be discovered thanks to the newly formed Ozpyn Corporation:
        • New Weapons (both crafted and looted)
        • New Armor (both crafted and looted)
        • New Armor Plating (crafted only for now)
        • New Unlimited clothing (crafted)
        • New to Cyrene, Creature Textures (crafted)
        • New creature hides from many creatures are now available.
        • There is a new blueprint book in the Blueprints terminal: Turrelion Blueprints, along with 4 blueprints that can be bought from the terminal: 3 component blueprints and 1 armor plate blueprint.
    • New Quests
      • The Craggs Point West Coordinators now have Rank 2 for the following Missions:
        • The Merfolken Initiative
        • Scout Bot Clean Up
        • Freshly Hatched
        • Insatiable Hunger
        • Overboard
        • You are Poseidon
      • The Epic Quest continues for all players with the Tanhok Tribe.
        • New Stage missions from the Tanhok Ambassador just outside 0x101 Supply Depot.
        • 10 different stages (with some kill point quests)
        • This epic quest chain is open to all players.
      • New Seek and Find quests
        • James Williams at 0x101 Supply Depot has 3 new seek and find quests all across Cyrene.
      • The final quests for the first epic quest should now be available and players will be able to summon Lazidol, the Great Sea Beast!
      • In the coliseum in Janus you can spend 1 Imperium Key Cube to summon a special random creature that can drop many different types of items: blueprints, weapons, armor, attachments, and mining tools.
    • Misc
      • Some Ad terminals have been added to Cyrene (along with ad screens).
      • A new loading screen has been added.
    New Additions – The Hub
      • The unlimited weapons available from the token vendors have been removed for now and replaced with new Limited ones.
      • One new PvP weapon has been added to winning 1v1 1 PED tokens: The Vampric Slicer.
    Changes – Planet Cyrene
    • Some items auction categories have been fixed.
    • General Start room improvements.
    • A revival base has been added near the high level Zeladoth areas.
    • Some loot drops have been improved (this is on going and will continue to be refined).
    • All HK Series Blueprints should now function correctly.
    • Puny Pleaks animation has been fixed.
    • The lava in Tamangon Volcano should reach the bottom of the volcano now.
    • Old Alpha Zeladoths now correctly do damage at close range.
    • The large building in the Duster area has been improved.
    • Many typographical and grammatical errors have been corrected.
    • All flamethrowers should now support BLP Amplifiers.
    • Event areas now have creatures inside of them.
    • A.R.C. Elite Armor pieces now have the correct durability.
    • The Mission: They're taking our minerals! Now has the correct counter object, you have to destroy 10 Drill Bots, not 5.
    • Ranked HK 1750 now has increased range to be more inline with other HK series laser rifles.
    • All armors should now appear correctly when equipped.
    • All clothing has undergone general improvements (especially female clothing).
    • Many creature spawners have been increased in density all across Cyrene.
    • Token Changes
      • The Imperium Token vendors have been converted into 1 token terminal.
        • You can redeem tokens at Craggs Point West or A.R.C. Head Quarters.
    • It should be harder to “trap” creatures on Cyrene.
    • The Wiles speed and size as been adjusted to avoid exploits.
    • The Spear vehicle series on Cyrene has undergone some name and stat changes:
      • Spear Mk. I (L) → Spear MK. I (L)
        • Fuel Consumption (active) – 0.06 Oil/km
        • Fuel Consumption (passive) – 0.03 Oil/km
        • Capacity - 25
        • Max Speed - 36
      • Spear v5-346 (L) → Spear MK. II (L)
        • Fuel Consumption (active) – 0.09 Oil/km
        • Fuel Consumption (passive) – 0.04 Oil/km
        • Capacity - 30
        • Max Speed – 39.6
      • Spear vI (L) → Spear MK. III (L)
        • Fuel Consumption (active) – 0.15 Oil/km
        • Fuel Consumption (passive) – 0.05 Oil/km
        • Capacity - 40
        • Max Speed – 43.2
      • Spear Mk. III → Spear MK. IV (L)
        • Fuel Consumption (active) – 0.16 Oil/km
        • Fuel Consumption (passive) – 0.11 Oil/km
        • Capacity - 45
        • Max Speed – 50.4
    Changes – The Hub
      • The token vendors have been consolidated in to one terminal.
        • This vendor accepts all tokens.
        • New versions of PvP weapons are available at a lower cost (but are limited).
        • The safe arrival bubble has been removed when teleporting into the Proving Grounds
        • Players should be healed to full health when entering the Proving Grounds.
        • The tokens that spawn in the Proving Grounds should be more plentiful.
        • All display items should now be under the correct token type.
    Known Issues
      • The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
      • 0x101 Supply Depot is incorrectly shown double on the teleporter list, this will be fixed in the mini patch.
      • In the HUB there is an issue where the stat over ride does not work correctly, this is currently being looked into.
      • All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
      • Ravenous Swamp Lurkers disappear sometimes, this issue is still being looked into.
      • Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
      • Some creature sounds are not working correctly, this is being looked into.
      • Paradigm Shoes Series 1 & 2 (Female) as well as Paradigm Pants Series 1 & 2 (Female) are incorrectly flagged as limited, and will be changed to unlimited in the mini patch.
      • The Vampiric Slicer (L) is missing it's model, this will be fixed in the mini patch.
      • Some Blueprint strings are still incorrectly blueprints and not blueprint, this will be fixed in the mini patch.

    As always, please give time for everything to get activated and added in, and thank you!
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