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Cyrene June 5th Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Cyrene Version Update Notes' started by Kris | Cyrene, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Kris | Cyrene Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs Staff Member

    Nov 14, 2011
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    Chiang Mai, Thailand // Orange County, CA
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    • Fixed attack distance of the following mobs:
    • Jellyworm​
    • Rhino Beetle​
    • Mang Chang​
    • Zeladoth​
    • MuckJaw​
    • Wiles​
    • Increased creature spawners for A.R.C. missions.
    • Decreased creatures needed to summon Lord Pyscidon and Regent Halbird.
    • Changed text to be more player friendly on the statistics bots.
    • Rhino Beetles and Mang Changs should now correctly engage players in combat.
    • Changed Spear texture to correct material.
    • Changed Spear thrusters to appear in the correct area of the vehicle.
    • Skyshatter Robots hit points should now correctly reflect their names.
    • Removed sounds from the following creatures to prevent crashes:
    • Skreel​
    • Dusters​
    • The S.I. H.E.A.R.T. can now properly be purchased from the Trade Terminal.
    • The texture issue in Janus has been corrected.
    • Tamangon Volcano should have a larger notification area that is a lootable and toxic PvP zone.
    • Low Grade Motion Sensors can now be sold in auction.
    • The info bots for mining and crafting in the A.R.C. Head Quarters now display correct information.

    Known Issues
    • 25 Pec Arena is not spawning Reward Token (lime green), this feature is currently unavailable for Arenas.​
    • The Wiles can become unreachable if you are too close to it.​
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