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Cyrene May 29th VU 12.6.3 Notes

Discussion in 'Cyrene Version Update Notes' started by Kris | Cyrene, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Nov 14, 2011
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    The Hub
    · A new Arena has been added to The Hub! A 1v1 Arena (at the cost of 1 PED entry fee) is available. It rewards a Reward Token (Yellow) used to purchase new Hub-only armor pieces.
    · The 25 PEC Arena will now spawn a special Reward Token (Lime Green). A currency used for a shop at the Turrelion Outpost that is still locked until the Dusters have been cleared out.
    · There is a new armor available for purchase from The Hub that takes the new tokens from the 1v1 Arena; it is only usable in The Hub.
    · There is a new token Short Blade weapon available from the token vendors at The Hub; it is only usable in The Hub.
    · A statistics-bot has been added to The Hub to show the statistics of the PvP weapon.

    Planet Cyrene
    · New NPCs have been added to Janus that will exchange your PvP Reward Tokens for items you can use outside of The Hub.
    · Two new Teleporters have been added: Setter Docks and Second Hand Staging Area.


    The Hub
    · Warps in the PvP Arena are now one-way.
    · You can now equip your PvP weapon before stepping into the Arena.

    Planet Cyrene General
    · When you fly your ship into Cyrene from space, you will now arrive at Janus and not the A.R.C. HQ.
    · A.R.C. HQ Teleporter has been moved to prevent people from falling under the world.
    · The R66-X Teleporter has been made available as a default Teleporter again.
    · Tamangon Volcano should now be displayed on the map without discovering it, and the warning that you are near a Toxic PvP area should be larger.
    · The night cycle on Cyrene has been brightened.
    · The visual particles at A.R.C. Bases have been removed.
    · The Miner 49r Bot sound has been removed.
    · Many NPCs that would disappear have been fixed.
    · Weapon sounds have been normalized so they aren't heard from far away.
    · The map has been adjusted to correctly reflect the planet surface.
    · Some boulders have been removed from one of the Zyn camps.
    · The spawners for the A.R.C. Base Camps have been normalized.
    · The racetrack jump has been adjusted so slower vehicles can cross.
    · Blueprints bought from the Blueprint Terminal can no longer be sold in auction.
    · All A.R.C. Armor Molds are now stackable.
    · Male and female armor from the Trade Terminal should now have the same statistics.
    · S.I. Combat Knife and S.I. Psy-Blade have upgraded lighting.

    Planet Cyrene Crafting
    · All coatings and spray recipes should create the correct item.
    · All male and female Scout Armor should be craftable and craft the correct type.

    Planet Cyrene Vehicles
    · Spear Mk1 should now display as a limited, non-colorable item.
    · All Spear versions have correct light placement.
    · All Spear versions had their Hit Points adjusted down.
    · All Spear versions should now hover higher off the ground.
    · Spear and Lancer vehicle textures have been improved.

    Planet Cyrene Creatures
    · Scout Bot names have been changed to be correct.
    · Crystal Pede now drops correct loot.
    · Some creature sounds have been removed to prevent crashes:
    o All Scout Bots
    o All Tide Claws
    o All Zil'Ziks
    · Some creature maturities have been unlocked:
    o Zeladoth
    o Molten Golem
    o Rhino Beetle
    o Mang Chang
    o Paneleon
    o Imperium Soldiers
    o Imperium Pilot
    o Sky Shatter Robots
    o Empis Wasp
    o Flesh Ripper
    o Fenris
    · Two new sea creatures have been added:
    o Muck Jaw
    o Wiles
    · The Swamplurker attacks have been adjusted where higher level does higher damage.
    · Skreel and WiskerFish should not become unreachable if you are in the water.

    Planet Cyrene Missions
    · The areas for the A.R.C. Culling missions have been adjusted and can be completed as normal.
    · Mission text for many missions has been corrected.
    · Quarter Master Dave only requires you to have 10 Imperium Tokens to buy A.R.C. Armor Mold (boots).
    · Reward Tokens should now be classified as "general" in the auction.
    · The missions: Rude Awakenings, No Time to Waste, and In the Shadows should now be able to be picked back up even if abandoned.


    Planet Cyrene
    · Creature: Fenris Dock Guardian sometimes becomes stuck between pillars and is unreachable.
    · Item: A.R.C. Armor Mold (helmet) displays as an X in your inventory.
    · Mission: Getting Battle Ready, once completed, will not chain to the next mission. You must log out and log back in to start the next mission.
    · Area: Some textures in Janus are not correct and will be fixed next patch.
    · Low Grade Motion Sensors are not able to be sold in auction and will be fixed next patch.
    · Some explanation text from Info-Bots gets cut off, this issue is being looked into.
    · It is currently not possible to purchase the S.I. H.E.A.R.T. from the Trade Terminal, this will be fixed with the next patch.

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