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Cyrene Missions


Cyrene Missions [Add Mission]

Cyrene Mission Token Brokers
Listing as of VU 12.6.0

Requisitions Officer Nealon (124476,83678,112) at Craggs Point West Teleporter
- 100 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved Fire Breather (L)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Helmet)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Harness)

QuarterMaster Dave (128526,83770,111) at Southern Base Teleporter
- 300 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved Psy-Sword (L)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Boots)

QuarterMaster McDonald (127615,85162,104) at Outpost (127613,85150,104)
- 300 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved Survival Knife (L)
- 200 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved First Aid Pack (L)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Harness)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Shin Guards)

QuarterMaster Johnston (127610,85165,238) at Outpost (129694,83548,238)
- 100 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved Scorpion (L)
- 100 Imperium Tokens: A.R.C. Improved HK (L)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Arm Guards)
- 10 Imperium Tokens: ARC Armor Mold (Gloves)


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Warning possible spoilers ahead!

I thought i'd write down what missions i encountered so far. Let's see if we can complete a full list...

  • "scary" hackfin
Got this one in the starting area after running over the bridge, you have to kill an x amount (20?) hackfin for it to complete (reward is an armor plate)
  • An introduction
Got this one at the starting area, talking to the NPC about the hub and pvp
  • Clearing the den
got this one at the southern base teleporter. You have to kill some zeladoth until the den mother arrives. After killing the den mother you can return to the questgive for a nice token.
  • Destroy the robot menace
Got this one at the Craggs Point West teleporter, seems to be a repeatable mission (more then 20 hours difference though). You have to kill 5 robots for another nice token
  • In the shadows
In the starting area, you have to find the drill instructor
  • No time to waste!
Talk to G.I. Joseph in the starting area
  • Rude awakenings
i think the first storyline mission you can get. talk to Corporal Hickson at the starting area

  • Zorn star Prospects
Mine up 5 Zorn star ores, for the mining bot in the starting area, reward is one imperial token

Not complete yet:
  • Blue crystals for Wilco
Mine 5 blue crystals
  • Getting battle ready
Starting mission, can't be complete because you can't buy the S.I. Scorpion
  • Yellow crystals?
Mine up 5 yellow crystals

  • Token reward
it seems you can get different rewards for the tokens with different npc's. I like! :)

Will see if i encounter or can finish any more this evening.

Hopefully the missions + details will also be posted by some friendly people in the wiki by time =)

I'm to lazy for that :)

but i found a new mission:

  • Help the Cap'n
found at (129674, 83545, 238), you have to scout a nearby robot base, kill 5 robots there and then report to southern base teleporter for an armor plating reward.
This mission also gives the next mission:

  • Hollingsworth's other task!
Go to the Direfen Gardens at 128180, 83600 (ty svarog!) and kill 20 mutated swamplurkers


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Can't seem to find the Direfen Gardens yet, but i found a new mission:

  • Rebuilding the base
found at (127429, 82444, 101). The requisition officer here wants 5 Zorn Star Ingots to rebuild the base. I wonder what happens if a lot of people finish this mission....
To finish this mission you have to abandon the mission, make sure you have 5 ingots in inventory and restart this mission. The mission reward is 1 Imperium token. Mission appears to be repeatable every 24 hours. The ingots aren't withdrawn from inventory (wohoo free imperium tokens for ever!)

  • Helping Harwell
found at the same location, Harwell needs your help to kill 15 tree dragons, after you killed them you reveice one armor plate (got 3 armor plates so far, I'm guessing/hoping that there are 4 missions for them).


Well-Known Member
Still haven't found the Direfen Gardens but i found

  • Green Healing
Acquire 5 green Crystals for Kevin (129235, 84219, 122)

  • Merfolken Beach Head?
At the same location as Green Healing, you have to head out to the Merfolken Beach had and kill 20 Merfolken. Return for an armor plate as a reward

  • Lord Pyscidon
You get the mission when you are at merfolken beach head, you have to kill some merfolken for Lord Pyscidon to appear, and then you have to kill him. (he spawns at a waypoint to the east). Then you have to return to the A.R.C. terminal at southern base teleporter for an imperion token.
The A.R.C. terminal gets a blue exclamation mark, so maybe this one is repeatable?
Guy's mission
kill 10 plant

Lord Psicydon
kill merfolken till it spawn

Regent Halbird
Kill enough merfolken to make it spawn

They're taking our mineral
Scout thompkins want you to kill 5 driller bot

  • Hollingsworth's other task!
kill 20 swamplurker

Electronic Component enhancement
5 Kaisenite ingot


Well-Known Member
a lot more missions then i thought at first, I really like it!

Thanks for the replies Svarog and Firejuggler, will try to do those missions next.Too bad it's almost bedtime for me :(
this is the list of the 20 mission I made so far


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Lykke TheNun

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I tried to merge the threads, but something went wrong :confused: Because I wanted the wiki info to be on top - but since Harmony created her thread first, that naturally went up there.

Please, Harmony if you have the time, will you copy/past your first post into a new post here instead and then update that one? (I called it Cyrene Missions2 - and will remove it after it's done).

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :oops: