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Cyrene October 9th 2012 VU Notes

Discussion in 'Cyrene Version Update Notes' started by Kris | Cyrene, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Nov 14, 2011
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    Cyrene October 9th 2012 VU Notes

    • Engineer Ferguson has a new mission for you for a P.I.G.V.
    • The Vehicle Master in Janus (near the Cyrene Port teleporter) needs help finding downed vehicles for parts.
    • A new group of Challengers at A.R.C. Head Quarters have missions that reward attribute tokens.
    • Additionally, one more rank has been added to the Dire Weed, Crystal Pede, Paneleon, and Tide Claw.
    • A new blueprint book, Blueprints: Imperium has been added to the Blueprint Terminal as well as a few more patterns to start it off.
    • Approximately 80 blueprints are discoverable for the new blueprint book: Blueprints: Imperium, including weapons, armor, and clothing!
    • Landing Platforms have been added to Cyrene Port and A.R.C. Head Quarters.
    • All creatures are now able to be scanned.
    • The item spawners in the Proving Grounds now work properly.
    • The run speed in the Proving Grounds now works properly.
    • It should now be possible to move on to the 1000 Dire Weed challenge without completing the 500 Crystal Pede Challenge.
    • Dire Weeds are no longer stationary creatures to prevent a sweating exploit.
    • Teleporters have been moved that caused players to appear underneath them.
    • A.R.C. Challenge – 500 Crystal Pedes should now correctly award the skill you choose.
    • Stalker E1706 model has been changed so it can be looted.
    • A.R.C. Challenge missions should now properly send you to the correct area.
    • The Dragonfly Helicopter can attach weapons but it does not work properly, this issue should be fixed in the Mini Patch.
    • Teleporter particles are duplicated and off center, this issue should be fixed in the Mini Patch.
    • Some items fall into the wrong auction category or can not be auctioned, this issue should be fixed in the Mini Patch.
    • A.R.C. Challenge – 1000 Swamp Lurkers and beyond are currently disabled.
    • Creature Loot is being re-distributed and finalized for the Mini Patch.
    • Ravenous Swamplurkers disappear sometimes, this issue is being looked into.
    • Some weapon sounds travel farther than intended, this issue should be fixed in the Mini Patch.
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