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Selling Greater Power Crystal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rick Sanchez, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Rick Sanchez
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    Rick Sanchez New Member
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    Jun 4, 2021
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    After a great deal of thought, I'm putting my GREATER POWER CRYSTAL up for sale!

    Only 9 of these beauties have ever been made (trackable on EL). Upon completion of the Zorra epic mission chain, this crystal allows you to pick up 1 lazidol lure every 6 hours for a potential annual return of 14,600 ped (assuming average lure price of 10p) and uninhibited access to farming Lazidol for rare parts to make Zorra's HK.

    If you know, then you know - this crystal is an absolute money-printing machine, but does require you to be on Cyrene consistently to collect your payout. I'm feeling a bit tied down at the moment and unable to fully utilize it, so am selling to free up some ped cycle and let someone else take advantage of free ped.

    Asking 25,000 ped for an easy 2-year payoff period (58.4% annual ROI). Best way to reach me is in game @ Ricardo Rick Sanchez!
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