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again, I have no idea...
looks nice, but you need a little more height in your frames so the scroll bars will disappear


Thanks Raz, slowly getting there ;)

I dont see any scroll bars for the frames on my setup. Can you tell me approx how many pixels it is out for you that way i can adjust it to accommodate everyone.


again, I have no idea...
maturities just needs 1 or 2 pixels more I think and we could get the description into a wiki page as well, so all data comes from the wiki.


The data is completely fictional just to populate the template and check the layout.
I'll remove/edit the data from the wiki as soon as the real info becomes available.

Raz, could you post a screen of what it looks like on your end - the maturity table has about 30 px spacing for me after the table. If i see what you have I may be able to fix it.


again, I have no idea...
Here you go, looks like just 1 or 2 pixels. Tried a few other browsers and it seems that it is a FireFox issue.

Firefox 12.0 beta

Internet Explorer 9.0

Google Chrome 18.0


Thanks Raz for the images, very helpful.

I've made a workaround for the FF/Chrome/IE discrepancies which will only be visible in the exported forum version. All browsers should now see exactly the same rendering. If not, I'll give it some tweaks.

Few questions:

Firstly, is there a way to make multiple queries from a single sub-page so all the data above is displayed in a single frame as opposed to 3 separate frames? I've tried putting the three queries in a single sub-page and it throws a hissy-fit - could be my syntax.

Secondly, it would be great to grab all info from the wiki but how can I grab the description and other text-data that is part of the main creature pages, and not part of the profile as the query template has no 'form' reference to call (hope that makes sense). Since the template is also used for all creatures from all planets - how would I call planet specific info, some of which is not part of the form ie: the temp 'additional info' i've left at the bottom of the profiles and other text-based mob specific info. While it is undesireable, would it be easier to add these as part of the forum post and not grab from the wiki?

Thanks all for the help, the EP Wiki gurus really know thier stuff! :thumbup:



again, I have no idea...
Looks like you have the multiple info in one forum box figured out, that looks great !

If we want the description to be taken from the wiki, we need to have a sub page that contains that data and because it is just simple text that can be a simple sub page I think Creature:Hackfin/description.

But to really make that data useful for other purposes we need to make that be accessible with a query. So basically make a property like Description (make it a generic one so we can use the same on for other descriptions) and put a text box in the Form:Creature to fill in the description.

I think something like this should get the description into a table, did not test it though, so it might need some tweaking.

{{#ask: [[Category:Creature]] [[Creature::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]
| ?Description=Description
| format=table
| align=left
| headers=plain

Anyway, need to get some sleep right now (1 am) but I will give it a go tomorrow and see if what I made up out of the top of my head actually works ;)


again, I have no idea...
well that did not seem to work as I wanted it to, back to the drawing board :)


again, I have no idea...
Shazlow, I got the description working in the wiki now and added it to Creature:Hackfin/CyreneForum. For some reason I can not get it to align the the left and I would like it a bit closer to the profile which for some reason I can not seem to do, so I'm kinda hoping you can make that work ;)


Should be working now. Might move the description query beneath the images and tables inside the Creature Profile. Can be done anytime based on final opinions on layout.

On to the next and most important part... Loot! :)
I've looked at the Form:Loot code and Template:Loot code and made a Creature Loots No Results and Creature Loots Query templates to test the default action which does not seem to function (the header, row and footer ill create later).

Im not sure how loot is associated to mobs overall in the wiki - is it Creature maturity->Loot or Loot->Creature maturity? Is the Loot Form associated with any page - the Creature Maturities has its Category page and the Missions are in the Missions Portal.


again, I have no idea...
Loot, yeah loot, that's a bit of an issue right now, we have no good method for loot right now other then to add it all manually (which sucks) so we need to work that out first.

But I do believe that loot is not needed in the forum post t.b.h. The info that is in here right now is enough I think.

Kris | Cyrene

Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs
Staff member
Hey guys, can we remove the test mission from this creature, I think people are going to think this is a real mission.


New Member
I've been scouting around the planet a bit, but has anything larger than old been confirmed yet? There are a few spots for mature or old, but that's all I've seen so far.