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Taming Having trouble with the big cyrene mobs?

Discussion in 'Professions' started by harmony, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. harmony
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    harmony Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2012
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    Then let your pets help!

    With the new Pet Center Manager that was released this latest VU your pet can give you and additional 10 health when walking besides you, or make you run 8% faster.

    The faster running is ideal for the big Tide Claw hunters, and the 10 health can be a life safer against the tougher mobs on Cyrene and in the cyrene Epic Mission Chains (like my personal nemisis: the Skreel).

    All you need is a level 5 pet, and give it the buff 'Metabolic Acceleration' for the speed increase, or the buff 'Increased Health' for the 10 additional health.

    Pet Center Manager.jpg

    Note that a pet can only give you one buff at a time, so if you want to alternate between health and speed, you'll need to have two different pets.

    If your pet isn't at level 5 yet: there is the 'Skill Gain - Pet and Taming' which helps your pet level up faster.

    More information about the Pet Centre Manager (conveniently located just south of the 0x101 Supply Depot teleporter) can be found in the following thread:


    Note: yes this is shameless advertising :)

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