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IDEA: Weekly pseudo-chain mining mission suggestion

Discussion in 'Missions' started by John Galt, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. John Galt
    • Cyrene Pioneer

    John Galt Member

    Mar 6, 2017
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    NBK Army
    I like the idea of long cooldown missions.
    I play daily but I reckon not everyone does.
    I "live" in Cyrene but I reckon the majority of the EU players don't set foot here but once in their lifetime to get the FAP.
    Long cooldown missions are a nice little way to reward casual residents and incentivise regular visits from non residents.

    The overall oncept is....
    Turn in Cyrene-only mined resources of different "depths" to get Perception+Mission tokens. Hunters need it for loot and hit professions, and miners use it for Prospector and Surveyor.
    In my concept there would be 3 weekly missions.
    First to hand in 15 Zorn Iron Ingots and would reward 3 mission tokens +0.15 PED Perception.
    Seocnd to hand in 15 Kaisenite Ingots and would reward 9 mission tokens +0.45 PED Perception.
    Third to hand in 15 Olerin Ingots and would reward 20 mission tokens +1.5 PED Perception.
    3 Different missions with 3 cooldowns, to allow people to only "invest" as much as they feel comfortable with, each with dependency on completing the previous one.
    This would reward people with a skill they value, and would make use of Cyrene ores which would be a good news for miners planet wide.
    A visitor could land, spend less than 5 PED on ores and complete all 3 missions in minutes. So could a casual player.
    I believe handing in the resource is better than finding a claim of X size, because uses up already mined resources and can be completed by non-miners.

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  2. Haruto Rat
    • Cyrene Pioneer

    Haruto Rat eep!

    Nov 28, 2013
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    So could an "Army of Cousins".

    To avoid that, the reward would need to be much less lucrative and hence value Perception higher than 100...200%.

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