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MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
There will be a Part 3 to "Unfinished Business" but we are a bit behind due to schedules and a heavy concentration on development, which is moving us closer to launch.

As an FYI ... all future covert ops storylines will be published at this forum and in this section. I am numbering them so that you know what order they go, which gives you an opportunity to following the storyline as it progresses.

Once Cyrene has launched, there will be live role-playing interaction in game, and Cyrene citizens will be able to participate and become a part of the covert ops storyline. Some role-playing events and activities will lead to rewards, and may include collecting a clue or clues from either the forum, or a live broadcast on MindStar Radio.

The citizens of Cyrene will help to progress the Cyrene storyline in many ways, so be sure to stay tuned to the forum for any announcements after the planet launches.

In the meantime ... we are glad to have you as a member of the Cyrene Forum, and we look forward to bringing you the best Cyrene has to offer.

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Tass always surprises me when I least expect it, and this time he outdid himself, but ... it also meant EP Wiki work for me! :rolleyes: There's a madness to his method, and one way or another his Wiki Wookie self usually stalks me before he corners me and forces me to add stuff to the Wiki. :D

It's not a bad thing though, because little by little he has nurtured my introduction to the workings of the EP Wiki and gotten me more comfortable with making an attempt to do something. When he and Peter and RAZER started talking Wiki stuff at EP, it made my head swim, because it was all Greek to me and became rather intimidating. While I'm internet savvy, I'm not a tech person by any means, but they have done SO much to make the EP Wiki more user-friendly, and I think I'm doing ok with what Tass forces me to do! :nana:

At any rate ... I wanted to share ... that since adding the storyline episodes to this part of the Media section at the forum, Tass went off to the EP Wiki and did something pretty special. He added the complete storylines for each of the Cyrene Secrets and Covert Operations episodes, but if you want to read them with the exclusive photos, you'll have to go to the EP forum - the links are provided in each of the separate threads here in this Media section.

Tass is quite sneaky though, and when expanding this EP Wiki page, he also did a little sumpin' sumpin' in the introductory line that says ... "Secrets and Covert Operations is semi-official Planet Cyrene storytelling written by MS9." He made the MS9 a link, and when I clicked on it out of curiosity, because I know I didn't create anything new, it took me to a new, but blank page about MS9 that was ready to be filled in! :eek:

Funny thing is ... he did the same thing to me for the MindStar Radio page, but hey ... I'm not really complaining, because it gets me to become more familiar with the EP Wiki and creating stuff, as well as doing some editing when I have an opportunity.

So needless to say ... I took a little time to give at least some sort of timeline as it relates to MS9's writing and storytelling over the years and how she got from the beginning in that respect, to where she is now - which is extremely happy and grateful to be a part of the Cyrene Staff and Writing Team.

Thank you Tass for your continued nudges in the form of subtle love notes here and there when I least expect it, and getting me to become (semi-)one with the EP Wiki. BIG Hugs for caring so much that I get the info out there, it's really appreciated. :hug:

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
As mentioned in my first post, we're a bit behind with the continuation of this series due to schedules and crunch time with development, but ...

I was able to finally catch up with Ed this morning for an update on things, and it looks like we might be able to work on a story arc for Part 3 of the Zekkonians series soon so that we can close out this covert operations adventure.

For now that is ... because we are barely finished with the Zekkonians for sure, but we have other covert operation series that we will be presenting that will continue to reveal Cyrene and its secrets.

The covert operation series will be taking us all over the planet, and not only making discoveries about the environment and its creatures, but delving into the stories that relate to the characters and what their relationship is to the planet.

Also, after the planet is launched, that's when Cyrene inhabitants (citizens and visitors alike) will be able to participate in the covert operation series from a role-playing perspective, as well as events and activities that will move the storyline forward.

These events and activities will be written into storyline, as well as appear in video production, which will give us a level of documentation with regard to how the Cyrene inhabitants are contributing to the development of the planet. This way, there will be a sort of chronicle or history if you will of inhabitant progression in addition to the official Cyrene storyline that you will experience in quest lines, and other medium projects.

However, please let me remind you that the covert operation series starting with the Zekkonians, along with future series that will branch off into other areas, also has official storyline content that Ed has approved. He and I work together on the story arcs for each series, and he releases what he wants to reveal at this time and allows me to weave it into my covert operation storylines, so ...

It's another source of learning about Planet Cyrene that you won't find elsewhere ... it's just delivered in a unique way. Ed likes to be creative in how he is introducing Cyrene, and I couldn't be happier being the writer on the other end, so there's much to look forward to in this respect ... especially with projects yet to be announced.

There are some exciting times ahead! :thumbup:

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Just a heads up that Part 3 of "Unfinished Business" and the final episode of the Zekkonian covert operation series will be coming soon. Development schedules and another Cyrene writing project I was working on (which is now finished) prevented Ed and I from getting together and working on story arc.

However, I believe that the story arc process will be ready on Monday (2/27) and I'll be able to dig into it and get it ready for publishing. With each episode, it's also a process of what do we reveal at this point in time regarding Cyrene storyline and photos.

Storyline is never presented from beginning to end, but in fragments that suit the current dynamics of where Cyrene is with characters, creatures, and environment. What is unknown by the reader with each offering ... is what are those tendrils of mystery that branch off into multiple directions. A new character, creature, location, or even race may be revealed, but limited and without full disclosure. However, rest assured that there is always more to the story than meets the eye. ;)

My goal is to paint a canvas with words that take you on a journey, and with each passing moment, the mystery will become more tantalizing, but so will your frustration … never knowing and only guessing what could possibly be next … and when the mystery is revealed, a new one appears, re-engaging your wondering thoughts, and drawing you deeper into the twists and turns and secrets of Cyrene. :D

The storyline for Cyrene is massive, and now that I have had an opportunity to absorb a respectable portion of that mass in my work with Ed, I can only say that the future has much in store for the citizens of Cyrene, as well as for those who just want to visit.

All is not what it seems on Cyrene!

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
A quick note to those who expressed interest in participating in the role-playing activities on Cyrene that will tie into the covert ops series that will continue after launch ...

There will be a short period of time after launch for exploration of the planet, and after it is determined by Ed which new covert ops series we will embark upon next, I will post the announcement and make contact with you.

Anyone else interested in engaging in these activities, please PM me. It could be you alone, you and a few friends, or your entire society ... it would be awesome to send an entire society like the already efficient role-playing Manticore society out on a mission that will be written into the covert ops series.

These activities will be broadcast live on MindStar Radio by myself and my partner Syer, and while I will be collecting photos, Syer will be collecting footage to produce a proper video to be included in the published episodes of each of the covert ops series that we will present going forward.

Ed and I work together on story arcs, but Ed is the driving (creative) force that designs the outlines based on Cyrene storyline, so ... as we play out the covert ops series in-game, more of Cyrene's mysteries and secrets will be revealed, but not without those twists and turns that I spoke of in my previous posts.

Ed allows me to weave official Cyrene storyline into the fabric of the covert ops series, along with what he's ready to reveal with each, but that's because he's a HUGE fan of role-playing and fan fiction, so he enjoys all of this very much, and can really appreciate the passion of people engaging themselves in this type of game-play.

We're looking forward to interacting with many of you ... see you on the planet. :D

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Just a quick update that I received story arc today on Part 3 of Unfinished Business from Ed, and ... OMG ...
I cannot WAIT to get this written.

However, Ed and I still need to meet over the next couple of days to work out specifics with a scenaro or two, but I'm hoping to have the draft to Ed by Monday so that we can move forward with this.

I can tell you THIS much ... it's revealing, it's intense, jam-packed with action, a bit of comic relief sprinkled here and there, and ... I know you probably don't want to hear this, BUT ...

There's a nice little cliff hanger at the end. :nana:

The above is the reason why I say it's good to read the covert ops series, because even after launch, we will continue to expose and reveal the mysteries and secrets of Cyrene. :D

I'll update this thread when there's more to tell.

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Part 3 of Unfinished Business is done, except for some bits and bytes that Ed has to give me, including some more cool photos, and sketches from his artists. However, it also has to be reviewed by Ed and Kris, and I'll have to make any edits that come up. Once we're happy with a final version, then it will be published. :D

I've been a writing fool, but y'all know how much I love doing this stuff ... I'm in the ZONE.

The only other thing we need to determine is if we want to keep the cliffhanger, but ... Ed came up with a BRILLIANT idea that I'm totally excited about, so let's see which direction we go with this. :dunno:

Oh, did you think I was going to tell you about it?

The only thing I'll disclose is that there are definitely more reveals, and some pretty interesting stuff. ;)

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Just a heads up ... I am anticipating that Part 3 of "Unfinished Business" will be published this coming week. Ed has given me the additional content, and I'm just waiting on receiving the exclusive photos and artist sketches.

For those of you who have not been following this series, reading it may not make much sense to you, so I would suggest that you visit the Media section of this forum, and specifically the Covert Operations Storytelling sub-section. Four episodes have already been presented, beginning with "Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations" that appears in the June 2011 issue of the EntropiaTimes magazine. Links are given for accessing all episodes.

Keep in mind that each of these episodes reveals more about Cyrene from the perspective of characters, creatures, items, environment, and especially the mysteries and secrets that drive the storyline.

This Zekkonian covert ops series may or may not end with Part 3 depending on whether Ed wants to leave the cliffhanger in place or not. There's a very specific reason for leaving it intact, but I'll have to reveal that at a later time. I just wanted everyone to be able to read the new episode and for it to make sense.

"Unfinished Business - Part 3" will appear on the front page when it is ready to be published.

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
:yay: ... I got everything I need to get "Unfinished Business - Part 3" published tonight. I had a wonderful Skype session with Ed this morning, and he gave me the rest of the photos and sketches that I needed.

It will be published in a little while, and several cool things are being revealed. :D


New Member
Will the Cyrene story be released in portable document format, or epub? I have it on my phone for reading, but it would probably look MUCH better coming from MS9... :)

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Will the Cyrene story be released in portable document format, or epub? I have it on my phone for reading, but it would probably look MUCH better coming from MS9... :)

Well hello there YOU ... nice to see you here, and thank you for your comment. :hug:

As far as the official Cyrene storyline is concerned, it will be presented through several mediums, and one I think that the community won't be expecting, but ...

With regard to the Covert Ops Storytelling that actually has official Cyrene storyline weaved into the fabric of the episodes that reveal the secrets and mysteries of Cyrene, along with exclusive photos and sketches that one of our awesome graphics artists do for us ... I've been doing some editing on the Zekkonian series to give it even more depth, and have plans to put each of the series going forward into book format. We're not quite done with the Zekkonian series, but when we are, we will be starting a new one. :D

The Covert Ops role-playing events in-game will tie into these storylines as well, and we're looking to make those quite unique, interesting, and fun. I will be posting more about these events not too long after the launch. ;)