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MSR Website - Photo of the Week

Discussion in 'MSR-Miscellaneous' started by MindStar 9, May 28, 2012.

  1. MindStar 9
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    Each week beginning on Monday, May 28th ... Syer and I will be choosing a "Photo of the Week" from one of our parties to place in the "Photo of the Week" iPod on the Home page of MSR's website.

    This week the photo is a cropped version of a pic that Archman posted in Softy's Birthday Bash thread here. Below is the cropped version, and as soon as Syer has a moment, it will replace the current photo that was taken at a past party in Oct 2010.

    Screenshot by Archman - Skillin' Villains

    If you attend our parties and would like an opportunity to have your photo featured on the MSR website iPod, follow the guidelines listed below:​
    • clear your screen of icons, the dashboard, and any PM's
    • be in 1st person unless photo composition requires otherwise
    • maintain as high a resolution as possible without cropping (we'll do that if needed)
    • day cycle photos are best
    • post your photos in the appropriate party thread
    If we don't have an MSR party on a particular weekend, then we will choose another photo from the previous party. If there's no party on Saturday, June 2nd, then we already have the next pic sorted. :D

    Just as an FYI ... soon we will initiate an "MSR Party Pic Contest" where individuals will be able to win some nice prizes, so keep that in mind, because the photos can be from any MSR party that you attended, but must be clearly identified.
    Happy Photo Taking! :yay:

    *click on the MSR link in my signature to visit the website*
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