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New Bug Report Protocol

Discussion in 'Technical - Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Kris | Cyrene, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Kris | Cyrene Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs Staff Member

    Nov 14, 2011
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    Hello everyone,

    I want to say thank you for all of the feedback and bug reports that get posted up here. I do my best to monitor this forum in particular and seeing the bugs here before I see them anywhere else helps get them solved faster.

    That being said we're going to try something new with the bug reports that come here.

    Once a bug gets fixed on the live servers (I'll verify that it is fixed) then I will change/add a prefix to the thread of [FIXED].

    I will also close the thread. If the bug then comes back we will have a better time frame to see what fell out of sync and caused the issue in question.

    Hopefully this will work out better for all of us (the developers and the community) to know where we stand.

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