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Selling Official Reallife Entropia Figurines

Discussion in 'Trading' started by McCormick, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. McCormick
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    McCormick Member

    Dec 28, 2011
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    Ive found some entropia figurines in the attic. Seen ppl selling these for 500 PED per mob and for 100 PED per mob.
    So I will offer a Set of 3 figurines (Hogglo, Atrox & Longu) for 299 PED + Shipping.

    Since this is already running on facebook,
    feel free to check for happy customers and comments.



    As there are more Atroxes then other mobs,
    I offer 1 single Atrox for 100 PED + shipping

    Im shipping from germany.

    Shipping inside Europe will be around 124 PED (with insurance & tracking Nr.)
    (3-10 days)

    Shipping outside Europe (worldwide) would be around 216 PED (with insurance & tracking Nr.)
    (2-4 weeks)

    How to get them ?

    Post "I want mobs" here or on facebook.
    Feel free to contact me via pm,
    then we can meet ingame.

    I sell for PEDs only. No paypal, no monyorder, no cash.

    Hogglos are ready :


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