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Planet Cyrene March 1st 2022 VU Notes

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Kris | Cyrene

Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs
Staff member
New Additions
- The return of the Imperium Armor
– With this return, the Augmented and Perfected versions will also be available. However it seems there were some Imperium moles getting these armors so now Zed Fontaine is personally enforcing stricter controls with players needing increased A.R.C. Badges as well as additional components and plenty of animal oil residue
- Players can locate Zed and see more information about the armor upgrade in A.R.C. HeadQuarters
- A.R.C. Hero Roy Vulker has a statue dedicated to him in this area as well and we encourage everyone to pay their respects, especially if they collected a full set of his armor

- With the growing relations between Arc and the Zyn over at Zyn’Tukano, Kaydee Barns is now able to offer a daily texture mission to create synthetic leather textures which she learned from the local Zyn
- Players can find Kaydee near the Zyn’Tuknao at the crafting area

- Introducing Utility Faps: players with the Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI can now choose one of two utility upgrades. Additionally, players can now downgrade back to Rank V to remove the heal of time component; however this change will be final.
- Players can find these two new Boffins in the Supply Depot

- With the rise of the Manuthale faction coming to the surface, they have overhauled Mer Beach into its original marsh-like ecosystem known as Rana Haven. The change to the island has caught the attention of ARC who are requesting trusted player assistance in aiding our new allies via unique daily missions
– Players with A.R.C. Badges should come to see A.R.C. Envoy Surin and venture further into the cavern found on this island to meet the other Manuthale

- The first original Cyrene music composed and mastered by CKA records, our in-house studio headed by Yui

- Zyn’Dars Hovel has been remodeled to include his new companion Zyn’Tao and his crafting station. With this remodel Zyn’Dars current pet daily mission has been split between low and mid level pets missions. While Zyn’Tao will be offering a weekly crafting mission which will reward Tamer Horns limited blueprint
- Players with a fair amount of Tailoring skill should come to see Zyn’Tao and start the crafting mission for the Tamer Intimidation Horns Limited Blueprint

- Rift changes
– Timer set to 15 and 15
– Spawns added outside the Rift
– Changed the look of the area
- New ARC Rift NPC's
- 5P1D3RB0t spawns adjusted
- The pathway up to the High Shaman should be easier for players to traverse
- Downed Dragonfly vehicle position fixed
- Adjusted Ghost Hat NPC
- Redone Imperium Armor stage location
- Changed A.R.C faction building slightly
- Scout Bot pen for the daily mission was increased in size as well as the number of spawns in the area
- Tide Claw spawns increased by the hive
- Stalkerbots spawn increased and spawn changed slightly
- Pet Daily Missions split into low level taming and turn in / mid level taming and turn in
- Pet daily mission area overhaul
- Fox Hyden now replaces that other guy who had a lot of PvP missions…
- Time of day adjusted and changed

Known Issues
- Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue
- All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch
- A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU
- Some Quality Ratings information in the blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect

Please give RNGesus some time to ensure all items reach their intended recipients and MindArk time to make sure that all missions are activated.



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