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Planet Cyrene Spring 2023 VU Preview

Kris | Cyrene

Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs
Staff member
Hey guys,

I’m here again to share the new additions, changes, and updates coming to Planet Cyrene in the next PP VU.

Firstly, the festive creatures for the holiday have moved on and will come back next year, and in greater number. In their place, however, the Skull Bird population has exploded! There are a variety of never before seen maturities in this area.


Secondly, we wanted to take time to recognize all of our current and future Cyrene Ambassadors! We thank you for your hard work and dedication to being outstanding players who go above and beyond to help the community and developers alike. We’ll be handing out some special shirts for these players to signify their presence on the planet.


Thirdly, there’s a new mission in Zyn’Tukano from Satchel Maker Ro-bin'zyn who will offer you a blueprint once a week for Cyrene’s first container! This mission will be a bit easier if you’ve completed all the missions from Zyn Psyche Master Aten'ten, but it is open to all players.


Next up, we’ve got some quality of life improvements in way of terminals and creature spawns. You can see that the Scout Bot Island has been expanded to allow more players to hunt simultaneously.


Furthermore, we’ve added several additional terminals at key locations: Sweat Circles @Zyn’Tukano, Tahnok Master Hunter, Low Shaman, & a few at the Rookie Area.




Lastly, the scientists at the Rift have been hard at work, trying to combine the powers of both the Turrelia Touched and Duster Courier clothing sets into one powerful body suit. Visit Penndolina over at the Rift to learn more about how to create it!


These are the highlights coming in the next update. I think it goes without saying that of course there will be bug fixes and improvements to missions and text, always trying to make the planet better for all players.

Thank you for reading and thanks for playing on Planet Cyrene.

The Cyrene Team


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Alusz-Iphigenia Alusz EPERJE-TOKAY
Nice ! I just hope that Cyrene Splinters Tokens will be back at the PVP Duster Hazing Station. I never understood why they suddendly were removed...