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Bug Report Spelling mistakes

Discussion in 'Technical - Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Quint, May 2, 2012.

  1. Quint
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    Quint New Member

    May 1, 2012
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    Rapture of Rebellion
    Yesterday I spent about 2 hours on Cyrene. I really enjoyed the graphics, there are many nice surprises in the middle of nowhere when you run around. The missions were quite OK too, I don't think I encountered as many issues on them as some other people seem to.

    But what did annoy me, is the absolutely childish spelling mistakes. The first one I saw was an NPC called "A.R.C. Solider" (not sure about A.R.C., but point is about the Solider"). Initially I thought it was intended like that and didn't have anything to do with a "soldier". But a few minutes later I read something about a Captian, where it clearly should have been "Captain". There were more, although a bit less obvious, like "ravenious" instead of "ravenous" and a mission instruction referring to "the on of the volcano".

    Now I do realize that the average gamer doesn't care much about spelling, I'm not a spelling freak either, but mistakes like Solider and Captian are so... well, childish, that it made me wonder how such blunders can get through any testing system. When a company releases anything with mistakes like these, even if it's a soft launch, I can only think that they are absolute amateurs.

    I assume that the dev team does not speak or write English fluently but even then, ANY spellchecker would have caught these. Most worrying is : when things like this got through, what else has gotten through ? And I am not referring to spelling mistakes only, I'm more worried about game mechanics.

    And yes, I could report every spelling mistake and I'm sure it will get corrected in a next vu. I would do that on Calypso or Arkadia, when I see a spelling mistake maybe once a year or less. But for spelling words like soldier or captain, you shouldn't need the help of the community to find out. If you do, well, I fear for the future of Cyrene.

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