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Kain Dewey Fall

New Member
"The HUB" Battle Royale
300ped rewarded at the end of each event.

The [SPED] Society, Specialized Planet Expedition Dominion, would like to bring to Cyrene a Bi-Weekly event at the PVP Arena Zone, "The HUB".

"The HUB" Forces Fair Competition.
The HUB offers an opportunity for players to compete among each other in PVP with the SAME HP, and SAME Weapon/Armor performance ranges for a fair playing field for all attendants by changing all users HP upon entry and limiting Gun/Armor use to what is available in "The HUB".
"The HUB" Rewards
"The HUB" distributes token rewards every time you kill a user, of which can be used to purchase an array of items that are available for within "The HUB" and/or outside "The HUB". There are several Arena Options to choose from for competing."
For most areas within "The HUB" you have to pay a entry fee to enter an Arena of choice.

The Proving Grounds: Cost Per Death- 5 sweat/ Reward Per Kill- 4 tokens (Tokens also spawn and can be picked up) [Lime Green Tokens]
1v1 1ped: Cost per Death-
25pec: Cost per Death-
50pec: Cost per Death- [Green Tokens]
1ped: Cost per Death-
5ped: Cost per Death-
10ped: Cost per Death-

Event Reward Distribution (Most Points in Leaderboard from start to finish)
1st- 100ped
2nd- 75ped
3rd- 50ped
4th- 25ped
5to10- 10ped

Via, FREE WARP, through Toulan>Arkadia>Calypso>Cyrene starting at 23:00:00 in-game time. [Wednesdays at 6pm CST America/Canada]

The event takes place every other Thursday from 00:00:00 to 03:00:00 in-game time or Wednesdays at 7pm CST America/Canada.

Schedule Winners
June 23rd-
July 7th-
July 21st-
August 4th-
August 18th-
September 1st-
September 15th-
September 29th-
October 13th-
October 27th-
November 10th-
November 24th-
December 8th-
December 22nd-

Rewards will be distributed as such,

I apologize for the lack of information as of right now, I forgot to write down everything about each Arena during the previous event. At the June 23rd event I will get the correct information and Update this Forum Post to have accurate information about each arena and the token rewards involves.