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The recipe for the A.R.C. Laceration Plate Perfected


Hello, Cyrenians!

===No longer relevant===

Shawna once mentioned that if players could not find out recipes for A.R.C. Lacaration Plates, she will give hints.
It seems that now this moment has come when a hint is needed.
Now I managed to make an [A.R.C. Lacaration Plate Augmented]. (The exact recipe has already been published here: https://cyrenedream.org/a-r-c-laceration-plates)
I have almost everything that can be looted, mined, refined, crafted, on the Cyrene. But I can’t find out the recipe for the A.R.C. Laceration Perfected Plate.

I do not know in what form the hint is supposed. It would not be interesting if the hint was too straightforward.
But I have several possible questions, the answers to some of which (or all) could become a clue:
1. Are all the necessary ingredients discovered (exist in the game)?
2. Are all the ingredients are local things of Cyrene?
3. Are all the ingredients are stackable items?
4. Is there any in the recipe (L)-things?
5. If so, then crafted and/or looted?

Perhaps you have your own view of the form of a hint, but any hint will be useful.

Regards, Alexander.
P.S. Duplicated in Discord under "help_request" section.

P.P.S. However, I still hurried, since I managed to find out the Perfected Plate recipe! So...

===No longer relevant===
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