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to plate or not to plate , that is the question !


New Member
Some can , some cant , but it is possible to wear plates on the pvp armour what is the official word on this?
It seems like plates were meant to be allowed because otherwise who would pay for the extremely low stats of the tt armour ? it gives no advantage .
the guns all do differing damages which means any one set of plates will only work vs certain guns , rock paper scissors which seems fair enough to me but some people think that the use of plates is a bug . Please clarify which way it was meant to be .

Max EJ

New Member
Yes I thought the same, why even use the armor if you will not be able to put plates on it.
Seems fair with all the different damage types.


New Member
If someone miss that info in Client Loader:
Using plates in the Hub is an exploit
Any players caught using this exploit from now on and until the issue is fixed will be temporarily banned.
Please warn other players with this information, if you discover anyone exploiting /or talk about exploiting this issue.
However, if you believe you have anything to report, please mail us at support@cyreneforum.com with information and in-game screen shots.
Thank you!

From here - http://cl.entropiauniverse.com/(en)/clientloader/planets/cyrene/