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why the hub won't attract new players

Discussion in 'PvP' started by AlricBezel, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. AlricBezel
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    AlricBezel Active Member
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    Jun 20, 2012
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    I went into the hub to give it try, well,, the proving grounds. I have been in the hub before, while back now. I went in with a few people and went into one of the rooms you pay to enter, it was fun, just not enough peds to blow at the time to stay in for any length of time.
    Anyway, I decided to go in the hub as if I was a new player to the game, took the knife that is from the mission and didn't go in with armor. I wanted to give it a shot as if I was someone who hadn't been playing EU for any length of time and also as if I didn't have any money. Well,, I left almost straight away because there was a person in there with armor on and a ranged weapon. He was in there with another who was gathering the coins. The coins are worth ped, these same people are in there everyday and it's obvious they aren't there to pvp, they are there just to get the coins to tt and get the peds, which totally defeats the purpose of what this proving grounds is about to me.
    This isn't an exploit because armor is allowed but it should be considered an exploit being that the idea is to get going, earn some coins to be able to enter the other arenas, get yourself some pvp armor and have some pvp fun. Of course going in with a knife and no armor makes so you have no chance when you are facing someone with armor and a ranged weapon.
    The experience was nothing but a big turnoff and I would have to say if you are wondering why no one wants to go in there, there you go.
    If I am totally new to EU, don't have peds to spend and wanted to try and have some fun with the pvp it just doesn't work. One of the big things is to make things fair by making everyone have the same hp, the run speed, etc. but when you allow people in that area with armor and ranged weapons that cost money people don't have when they are new they aren't going to go in again.
    I have played pvp games and I actually like pvp, I am and always have been a depositer in EU, but I am not everyone and the idea that EU is a free game is what attracts new people to EU.
    So needless to say, it's a good idea, but not a good way of doing it all at the same time. Allowing people to go in with armor and ranged weapons that cost money in an area where you only need sweat to enter isn't good and doesn't work to inspire anyone to go in again.
    Hopefully as time goes on something will happen so that people without money and are trying to play EU by earning sweat can have fun too and enjoy the unique pvp arenas that cyrene has to offer, but as of now, it's just a bummer to see people taking advantage of a good idea.
  2. TunerS
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    TunerS Travelling through time...

    May 31, 2012
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    The actual idea of Proving Grounds is to give players a chance to train in PVP for almost free. You spend only 10% of decay and you have a chance to pick tokens that could even pay back all expenses. It is basically a super cheap way to train in PVP.

    The reason there are campers, probably the same who have been camping there all summer since last PP update, is because no one else is going in there. Everyone just expects for free tokens to fall from the sky once you enter there. Only problem is that in PVP the strongest wins and nothing free will stay free for long.

    It is not that hard to get a spawn or two in there for yourself. All you need to do is fight. After 20 minutes of shooting the cost will be somewhere the same as you would just sit there and pick tokens for 1h. So it is not profitable for campers to fight with you. Also camping there for 1h just to get 10-20PED (I don't know how much are they actually spawning) is not really worth it time wise. It is for sure better paying than sweating but to just site there all the time checking if someone else doesn't show up to pick your tokens... Let's just say that is the reason I don't camp there. Seems like a waste of time to me.

    I will however give it a try after next update when we will get Lime Tokens. At least we will be able to change them for something usable.

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