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Recent content by Falagor

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    Bug Report October 15th 2014 Bug Report

    You need to run faster than 1minute to get 14 tokens. I know i ran once 1min and 7sec and got 5 tokens too. So no bug in here... Falagor :bandit:
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    Falagor mission progress - hall of fame ;)

    I just wanted to say that i achieved few milestones: 1) i reached 500 ARC Badges today 2) i finished the 600 Molten Golems stage at Tanhok yesterday - it seems it is the hardest part of whole chain ;). 3) i finished the 2800 Paneleons at Zora chain not long ago - 2500 kills were made on o...
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    I did not say you have to go outside the watter. Go east from the npc and swim near the surface - you still need to be in the area east of the npc so leaving the area will result in not making kill counts. As long you will be here (+-): [138292, 76693, 105] and drag hackflins from bottom to the...
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    Not sure if it is fixed or not since i completed it BUT there was workaround: try killing the hackfins ONLY close to the surface of the watter - they will count for the mission ;). Falagor :bandit:
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    Bug Report 15.3.0 VU BUG report

    Yup i died from other players few times :). And i dont loose the "sweat toxic shot". Also i killed few players with similar "bug" on them and they dont give any tokens even when killed few times. My personal guess is: when someone had the "sweat toxic shot" active before update he became...
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    Bug Report 15.3.0 VU BUG report

    There is something more into this bug... some players drop 8 lime tokens on kill and some dont. Also those who give tokens aslo loose the "sweat toxic shot" and need to pay 10 sweat again... I am one of the "divne ones" since i do not loose the enterance fee on death and i dont give tokens to...
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    Bug Report 15.3.0 VU BUG report

    Next minor bug: waypoint showing after killing 1000 Drill Bots (Miners Psyche quest) is directing to old locations npc. If anyone will be looking for the guy he is obviously in one of the new Stagin buildings: [138836, 77132, 112] To devs: please re-check all missions wayoints that are leading...
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    The new cyrene stable!

    I am going to say the the most important factor about stable buffs is: they are simply not working! At least the +% acceleration are not. Of course pasive +acceleration buffs are working fine which is another hit in the stable owners... The generaton buff is useless atm too - since the skilling...
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    The New Hub :( and other things.

    I went to the Pit today and tried hunting those mobs. Very small sample: 80.27 ped total cost Total TT loot: 66.67 and 537 tokens So 83% TT returns - imo not bad for such a small sample - i am guessing with the eco the HUB guns have (~2.84-2.86) you should end around 90-92% TT returns long...
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    Bug Report 15.3.0 VU BUG report

    I will write here since i cant start new threads anyway ;). At HUB Proving Grounds - killing others does not give 4 Lime Green tokens anymore... i am guessing its a bug and not a feature since it will rather make players not fight there at all and just camp spawning tokens :). Love the no...
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    The New Hub :( and other things.

    The VI stge fap is actually really great... 10.5 heal/sec 17.68 heal/pec Just saying that comapred to regular S.I. Heart fap its way better so you msut have been missinfomed. Falagor :bandit:
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    Cyrene June 2015 VU Preview

    You say its... plagiarism? :monkey_slap::) I love your magical constructions Oberon :bowdown:. PS: i had no idea this forum also has :bandit: smiley - i keep using it under my name on PCF Falagor :bandit:
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    Cyrene June 2015 VU Preview

    Great news! :) Falagor
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    Selling Hub Weapons and Gear

    I would like to know decay on Red Level equipement. Also if you could give me the links to all 4 Red ingame that would be nice :). Before considering purchase i need to know exact stats (and entropedia might be out of date). I cant remember your full avatar name and there are 3 pages of...
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    Special Missions locations with parts

    Funny story: I have found the missing part for the: Special Mission: Clothing Pieces There is ANOTHER "Shirt Piece" located here: [136074, 79943, 110] Funny is that when you oparte it its counted as "Shoe piece" and your mission gets updated ;). Enjoy completing this chain. Falagor