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Recent content by harmony

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    Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map and The Next Planet Parter VU

    I can shed some light on this :) The stable has been quite a disappointment for us because mindark hasn't delivered what they promised us by a longshot. It started out ok'ish but when mindark asked a huge fee for adding a buff to the stable, a fee that is higher then the possible income from...
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    Cyreans Society 2nd year anniversary event april 2nd

    Great, i'll try to make it :)
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    make ecotron UL series avatar bound

    I agree, but then again this has been said a dozen times before, come on Kris, wake up!
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    The Hub Extra Hub areas

    The entrance is inside the proving grounds. You just need to jump a bit, try a bit of mountaineering (climbing stuff you can't reach normally) and fall down a lot.
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    A Player’s Notes, Vol. 2 - Cyrene Edition: Bringing the Planet to Life - Thoughts, Concerns & Ideas

    I had planned to discuss some things after I first saw this thread. But the post was just too long, and now you've made it even longer Kris :( We Do have to spend some time ingame as well :shoot:
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    The Hub Extra Hub areas

    I remember that little girl from when she was still in her diapers. How time flies :)
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    Notification: This is an alert from the emergency broadcast system

    Arm yourself with tt weapons, that way i can come help hours later when i wake up :)
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    A little bit late now :'(

    He never said christmas holidays :)
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    A little bit late now :'(

    I still have two weeks holiday over here, you're just being impatient :)
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    Wish List Ecotron camping - The problem/improvements

    In my opinion the guns should either be removed or be made avatar bound. Spawning weapons like this is a very bad move.
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    Risen Island - Guide/Map/Bugs/Thoughts

    Thanks for the information to both of you, had really hoped it would be surveying as a reward this time :(
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    Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map Discussion

    Take your time and wait for the patch :)
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    Developer Insights : Booths

    Maybe i'm reading too much into this, but just to be sure: there won't be a maintenance fee to keep the shop operational will there?