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Recent content by Lady Jennifer

  1. L

    What a let down...

    My point is, that Cyrene has nothing to offer anyone... No one has a point in being there. They have not lost the surrprise, and this planet is now going to be like one of the others that also have failed. I could launch a planet better than this, it is simple things that your learn in first...
  2. L

    Hub is already over ??

    Was away for two days, thought i'd go to the Hub And no one is there.. Is it dead already ?
  3. L

    What do you LIKE/LOVE about Cyrene?

    PvP token system........ =) That is all right now
  4. L

    Platings in the Hub is an exploit

    WOWOOW :) good to hear, the Hub is flippin Amazing not gonna lie :)
  5. L

    Platings in the Hub is an exploit

    What about using the TP's then healing and not being able to be attacked due to arrived safe ??
  6. L

    What a let down...

    I am so disappointed with Cyrene....... Yes it was a soft launch, but having no mobs and no ores and enmatters other than Lyst/oil.... Real real let down, saving stuff for new members? what about all the old school people that came within minutes of the planet opening? We get stuck with Lyst...
  7. L

    Map of Planet Cyrene

    I am going to mine every bit of it!
  8. L

    Weapon types to be available?

    give me some big arse damage long range pvp rifle please ! cheers.. ohhh drop it in my mining loot to by the way ;) cheerss :)
  9. L

    UL loot drops

    I want to know what armor i need to bring :)